Dec 29, 2008

Dec 28, 2008

my job~

2 hours a day.
RM200 a month.

aint my job just darling~

until when??..

..will this painfully slow boringness end??



Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah!!~

Dec 8, 2008

Lascaux Sketch!~

1st attempt using this app..

Dec 7, 2008

baru 5 hariiii...

ive only been through 5 days of this loooooong looongggg...vacation..
And i'm already bored out og my skull..
Great thing is,I found a new place to oekaki!~
im seriously trying to get back to drawing like i used to..
I need to work really hard to improve my much-less-than-perfect skills..
and that means practice..
And a whole lot of tutorial hunting..
wish me luck..

Dec 3, 2008

Hullo there,unfortunate lil person who's viewing my lil blog~
Yeah,well,just thought i'd swing by and urm,,
well im not exactly sure what i intend to do with this postt..
its just that i thought i'd update my blog,
i mean,it has been SO long..
anyway,now that i'm here,
might as well slip in a random advertisement
to all you girls out there that enjoys romance AND comedy..
get yourself a copy of *The Holiday* (starring Cameron Diaz,Jude Law,Kate Winslet and a bunch of lovely actors and actresses who served to brighten up the whole movie even more)
I'll guarantee you'll enjoy it.
Oh well~
C ya!~