Jun 23, 2012


inspired by the idea of a stamp to mark the completion of.. anything. which in turn encourages people to complete more, well, stuff. *basically a ripoff of charlieissocoollike's idea*

I referred to a couple of tutorials on the web, *three of them to be exact* and came up with my own little formula of how to make a stamp in Photoshop, and in my case, Ps CS3.

The result!!

le stamp~
le stamp in action~

here's the links to the tutorials i referred too :)

numero uno!
numero dos!
and quatres!

Jun 21, 2012


well, the result of my 2nd semester of my 1st year as an Applied Arts and Design student was, in a word, disappointing.
I'm not really shocked, however i am deeply bummed by the digits on the result slip  that seem to mock my existence.
i think i know what went wrong.
its pretty much the same as last semester's issues. but I haven't got the slightest clue on the 'fixing it' part just yet.
here's hoping that i do. and soon.
anyways, Alhamdulillah, i am grateful.
you have to be grateful for everything, but, it doesn't mean that you have to be easily satisfied.
no sir you don't.
always aim higher, and pray to Allah during good times and bad, insyaAllah. :)

*true story, as real as it gets*

me: mami..dah tau dah result
mami: hmm
along:ak taw result hang!
me:diam ah bohonggg
me:erm,aa,sama ja ngan last sem..*.*


me : *awkward face* (inside ; D':)

p/s: kan best kalo dia at least ckp, "xpa, usaha lagi" , "at least xturun kan?". hmmm

Jun 15, 2012

compisition comes into play.

Another fun photoshop tutorial completed! wooohooo~
this one is from PSDVault, they have some pretty cool tutorials over there so do check it out :)

Basically this tutorial acts as a guide to creative composition, and plays mostly with layer effects, transformation and brushes. The instructions are pretty well explained but you do have to learn the basics before attempting this one because it might skip some tiny details.
Compared to the tutorial, I used more layer masks than the eraser tool because the eraser, being a permanent action, is not as flexible as the layer masks.
Layer masks allows you to alter the appearance of an image but it can easily be deleted or adjusted to your own preferences without worrying about permanent damage :D ( if anyone's interested I'll try to explain further in future entries ; drop a comment! )

So here's the final result from the artist at PSDVault

And here's mine! :)

Resources used ;
  1. model stock
  2. bird1 
  3. bird2 
  4. bird3
  5. cant remember where I downloaded the brushes from, it was so long ago LOL.

Jun 13, 2012

today's graphic practice.

my Photoshop's been collecting dust since this holiday started so its about time I tackle a fresh and fun tutorial~

this one's from Abduzeedo *super awesome tutorial galore*, inspired by the poster for Burlesque, which is coincidentally one of my favourite movies. *Christina Aguilera sexily belting out burlesque themed songs,hell yeah!*

so here's the actual movie poster, the final result of the tutorial, and my own result. Comments much appreciated :))

can you guess the meaning behind 910910 ;)

Jun 6, 2012

IU- Peach * song crush *

IU's just soooo adorable and her angelic voice + this melody = too much AWESOME <3
give it a listen and you'll see what i mean :)

Jun 3, 2012

love is perhaps the strangest phenomenon to exist.
it can cause so much happiness one minute and leave you a soulless sobbing wreck the next.
a confusing beauty.
an addiction.