Jul 23, 2011

91'ers, especially those who grew up watching Disney Channel..

remember this?

im no sure how many of you have seen it, but i am a huge fan of this show, and was so sad when it ended..
and recently after seeing some TSR gifs and captions on Tumblr brought back good memories of this show..
and also led me to this jewel ;

here's a lil' something on what the show's all about ( ctrl+c n ctrl+v-ed from Wiki of course ~)

 The half-hour multi-cam comedy series stars Raven-SymonĂ© as Georgia, an aspiring actress with a larger-than-life personality, and her science geek best friend, Jo (Majandra Delfino), who are trying to make professional and personal headway in New York City.

basically same lead actress, both hilarious. now off you go to the amazing tv show that is State of Georgia~

Jul 6, 2011

tube berbentuk u berperangai sgt huduh hari ini.

this morning after i finished my daily chores, I turned to youtube for my daily dose of entertainment,
i mean, about 90% of it depends on youtube because Astro doesnt really fare very well for my kind of preferred entertainment *cough*kpop*cough**choke*.
soooo yeah, this morning it was working fine, then i had a short nap, plus some chores here and there, after praying, I used my laptop, plugged to the TV for (what i hoped would be) some k-variety shows that i adore, in H-freakin-D..
and then..
youtube just sucked.
i mean, 10mins to load a 5 minute video?
im srsly confused i just..urgh.
and thats when i turned to blogger,
i have no life