Nov 20, 2010


kpop fan or not.
this is just too awesome not to post


Nov 14, 2010


its raining so heavily right now,
and just this afternoon i felt like walking around in an oven while getting food at the bazaar.
suddenly felt just a tad bit nostalgic about those days when we used to run in the rain and come home soaking wet, and yet with the most silly grin on our faces from the all the fun~

 gahhh feels old right now lol.~

Nov 13, 2010


uhm, just in case you're wondering what the insane comic book sound effects title refers to,

its the amount of workload ive been receiving as of late..

and i now am the proud sufferer of the stupid thing called fatigue, its is not fun people.

im not a fan of late nights and sleeping through the day and dozing off whenever..

gotta get myself together as this IS how its gonna be for the next who knows how many millenium.

the last assignment was pretty fun though,

cause i didnt involve any measuring or straight lines. HAHA

i could've done better on the potrait sketch task, but as it's my first i'll let myself go just this once.


ive never been good at them, but once i got through that it wasnt as bad as i thought it to be,

gonna need heaps of practice though, i mean,

how fun would it be to draw your friends and idols right?

thatd be so rad~

i love seeing the funny caricatures that comic artists always draw, and to be able to do that is a skill that i really look forward to achieve

lets all hope that i preservere long enough to actually get there.

and oh yeah,the hols are coming! oh yeah baby!

cant wait to see my family again~
so bring on those assignments!

Nov 4, 2010

just 5 more randomness~

thank you DILA syg for this award . LOL
frankly i think its just a another way of tagging people right? keke~
since its been a while, gonna have a go anyway,
5 things that you dont know (and most probably wont bother to. HAHA) about lil' old me~
  1. im a really light sleeper, the lightest squeak wakes me right up. which is hella annoying.
  2. ive been in 1st grade 2 times, when i was 6 and 7yrs old.
  3. i love browsing through recipes though i dont cook that much.
  4. i dont really sleep on evenings cause then im gonna stay up for too long.
  5. i <3 tempeh A LOT.
that is all kthxbyenow :D