Dec 31, 2009

two thousand and TEN.

currently listening to the blasting music from my ipod,these deafening tunes seem to help retain the calm that i seek so much.
a lot has been going on in me as we bid goodbye to this year,beckoning the next with warm hearts in hope of bigger and better things to come.
my emotions have been in quite a wreck,so many things that im trying to sort out,i dont understand them, so much that im not even able to put them
to words that makes things a whole lot simpler.
maybe its all because of the pressure of a new year, a new beginning? so much things that i wish i could change,
so many resolutions to be fulfilled. and yet, i feel like im slowly sinking as low as to be a complete and utter hypocrite,
may be not to myself, but to others.
in the previous post ive moaned and bitched on and on about the pressure if a so called friendly image.
i honestly feel that smiling itself is a burden when not done from the heart, but yeah, i guess i unwillingly have to admit to the fact that
sooner or later change is in due. i mean, who would want a sourpuss for an employee right?
still taking my sweet time with the whole thing, and it would be oh so lovely if some of you who may read this could lend a hand, tips and ideas in helping
me cope with this simple yet somehow complicated matter.basically. i need  of motivation to get through next year.LOTS
I wanna change,so badly i do. For my sake, and for others, i wanna learn to smile, i wanna learn to care, to let go, to know when to stop,
and oh yeah, to actually take advice in a positive perspective *is a very negative person ya know. narrow minded too at times.*
im still naive, still learning , still searching for the right thing to do,how to live my life.
my list of resolutions keep growing as i can name so many of my flaws at the top of my head.
hoping to fulfill them and keep making new ones as they are completed,
heres to a good year for all of you out there.

HAPPY 2010 everyone!

Dec 29, 2009

tis d season to be b*tchy,lalalala.


tis is me,being,again,completely unstable and random.
its just that, for some reason , i've been thinking a damn lot these few days.
i mean, how couldnt i? everyday , theres seems to be some kind of comment or critique that people around me keep piling on.
hell yeah, i aint perfect.
in fact, im FAR FAR FAR from that kind of adjective.
i dont smile much, no i dont. so? people keep telling me,
"snyumla sket,kan elok?"
eyh tolong la!
muke ak cmnie.
korang igt snang kot snyum x ikhlas,
i have way better things to do than to be something im not.
it does seem like a simple act to do.
but hey,
when ur faking ; sometimes its hurts just doing so.
it feels like you're constantly watched,
im not liking me much either.
i know im in dire need of a personality make up,
im bitchy, whiny and pretty damn arrogant.
do you think i like the way i am?
how bout u then, r u loving what you are now?
we need to constantly improve ourselves ; note taken,
but! of people telling me how to live my life.
just leave me be,
i am aware,
im just taking my sweet time with this.
sorry la kalo mane2 yg trase.
maaf zahir batin kali kedua la.
heck,i even suck at apologizing.
so jgn mrajok ngan ak, nnt makan pang. haha,jk,jk.
i love my family,
and all my friends.
but im not really comfortable in showing that.
not obviously anyway.

o yeah,
harini de sorang makhluk post lagu baru.
eyhhh ko ni,
kitorang da ckup sdey by the fact that we only have less than a month left with her,
ayt2 jiwang bunga2 mu langsung tidak memudahkan proses oke?
still. *lagu ko sdap weyh.haha*
im so gonna miss u sygku. u know who you are.

oh yeah,
almost forgot.
kucingku diculik orang.
nasib ar bela kucing comel sgt.
kan dh tnggal sekor2 mr.gendut tu tnpa temannya.
kalo pnculik tu baca ni en,


Dec 28, 2009


This bitter seed ;
I swallowed it,
This painful truth,
Id bury it,
I swallowed them.
again and again
kept them all sealed,
like a rigid dam.
and the it happened
I finally choked,
The dam that was built,
it finally broke.

Dec 23, 2009

tick tock.

time's tick tick ticking away.
and yet im still here to stay.
and u know by the way,
im glad he's gone but im still okay. :)

*kebosanan thp maksima made me do this.HAHA

Dec 18, 2009

aku ditag.can u believe it? hahahha

♥maceh tag ak TEHA. :)

1.apakah yang sedang anda lakukan 30 minit yang lalu?

FB,downloading new tunes~

2.2 jam yang lalu?
bru bgn tdo da,haha

3.anda suka?

4.minggu lepas?
sy blik kampung,agak ok la.

5.tiga lagu yang boleh anda dengar berulang-ulang kali
-current list ; chocolate love-SNSD,i can transform ya-chris brown,a song calling for u-ss501.

*k-pop mode;haha*

6.tiga binatang yang anda tidak suka
-those damn roaches,fleas,n frogs.

7.lima fakta tentang anda
-sy ske mlukis *fakta yg smua org tau kot.hah*
-ada 2 kucing yg montell.haha
-asal tganu,mmbsr kt penang. so ta reti ckp ganu, *sob2
-kuat gile brangan.
-muka kerek siall.

8.tahun depan mungkin
sya jd rajin skit.AMINN

9.saya tak reti
-pujuk org n mintak maaf *dhla muke kerek en* haha.

10.saya pandai
-wat bising n sembang non stop. :D:D
-wat org pikir sy ni sombong gileee.haha

11.kawan saya
;my treasures.

12.saya ada
DeviantArt page? haha,promote2

13.saya seorang
yg baran.ssh snyum.n kasar.yeapppp. *im just darlin' arent i.haha

14.adik saya
x wujud.bongsu tq.

15.saya tak pernah bosan dengan
chocolatess. <3

16.perkara yang orang selalu tak percaya tentang saya
hmm,pe ar? sy ni x sombong? haha

17.saya rindu
currently;uia. more specifically. ; stdy room level 3.

18.saya tak sabar
nak kuar CFS,msuk gombak.hoho

19.laman yang selalu anda layari
FB,DevArt,Blogger n Buzznet

20.siapa yang anda mahu tag?
sape2 yg bace no 20 ni. YOUUU. :D


Dec 10, 2009


the hols are here;again.
albeit for only a week.
a blissful,lecture free week it would be. :D
so tonight ;putrajaya central;destination-Dungun!

yeah,goin back to my hometown for a lil' bit, its kinda nice seeing as i havent paid a visit for quite a while.
dah nama cuti en, mestila ar balik kg, bru cuti nmanyaa.haha
so insyaAllah, by weds next week ill be back in Penang.
livin la vida loca~ haha

lookin forward for next week,
hoping to put allll that free time to good use ; for me that is.haha.
chiao! and HAPPY HOLS Y'ALLL!! :D:D

Dec 2, 2009

its a BOY!

3 days away till the 1st paper.
Arabic2. *pass pown jdlaa. pning nk hfall.
and on the very same day. I've got leadtrain,
pagi exam. ptg mende alah tu pulak.
good news?
uhm,except for FIM, all of my papers takes place before mid sem.
well, thats still not confirmed cuz i havent checked the date for that paper yet.
hopefully its also before M.B.
*ak nak rehat lbey. haha.
oh yah.
how couldve i forgot.
im now officially a makcik , ahaha, that is to say, Alhamdulillah , my sis in law has given birth to her 1st child. a cute baby boy. whose not named yet tho'.
pics to come soon!
after i get them mailed to me that is.
sucks to study so far away in a situation like this.
thats all.

Nov 26, 2009

truly am sorry.

im home.
and it feels good.
a short break.
a few days.
just what i needed.
after what went down few days back.
to sum it up.

felt like a monster,
hearing what they say,
the ugly truth was bitter,
what i did everyday,
never realized all those things,
the things that i do,
wasnt in my heart,
to hurt all of you,
cant say sorry,
just way to proud,
but i truly am,
for everything i did,everything that came out.

-truly am sorry.

Nov 23, 2009


today being monday and all.
was ever so slightly longer than the rest of the week.
6hours of lecture,but still,way shorter than engin students. those poor things. heee.
but of course, this amazingly empty schedule has its up and downs.
more time to study,chill and stuff. but the monotonous boredom is 7 kinds of crazy.
so plannings a must. and to at least try to stick to one.
back back back.
maths for AED is unsurprisingly way simpler than engine's. Alhamdulillah on that note.
not to say that its ridiculously simple or anythin. but easier,so,less crammed in the noggin.
but Economics is a totally different matter,
u see,
engine applies a lot of logical thinking.
and econs uses critical thinking. and its slightly harder for me, and more than half of the class that is, to digest that subject. i think im slooooowly getting the hang of it tho'.
here's hopin ay?
last core subject would be statistics. pretty ok. so far.
and then there's arabic.
final lecture for the day.
easily said. i miss my ustaz SO much.
the new lecturer's method of teaching just doesnt work.
irks me even.
i miss the way Ustaz guided us gently through the language, and never failing to sport a kind,gentle smile all through class.
i need that back, especially in Arabic2.0. its eeeeeevil. D:
finished at 4pm.
and now.
just resting a lil' bit.
before maths tonite. replacement class. woooo.

Nov 16, 2009

just another tuesday.

today.supposedly.i am to attend the arab class.eight to ten.and then the rest of the day off.
rushed to class.after taking a waytoocold early morning shower.
id rather jump into a frozen lake,
not exactly. but still. way way too cold for my liking. it does make me the teeniest bit more awake tho.
and then guess what.
to my, *dreadful* suprise.
quote " weh,class cancel, kete ustazah rosak "
oh those sweet2 wasted time that i couldve spent on my bed. D:
*dhla ujan pg td, sumpah sdap abess tidoo*
watching my roomates passed out on their beds. or mattress. wtv.
the agonyy.
back to main point.
class canceled.
me being, well, me.
lepak la babe,
kutu rayau aite.
had Bfast at ucafe,
chatted for like 2 hours. or more, cant recall.
and then here.
in the CC.
still not knowing what to do,
except turning to my daily *unhealthy* dose of facebook.
story of my life.
my dull life.
but still.
abes da ngarot.saje tgn ni gatal nak menaip.

Nov 15, 2009

count u blessings. :D

initially planned to have a quiet, relaxed weekend.
no outing, no nothing. completely detaching from the outside world,
spesifically, out of UIA that is.
sounds like this whole thing has some kind of pure intention right.
its mainly because the lack of $$$ at the moment. xD
oh man,
the allowance seems to be taking forever to arrive.
my pocket is still refusing to go on a diet.
after all,
i need to eat. haha.
*kta nk g gym, tp mkn payah doe nk tnggl*
and there you go.
got my wish fulfilled.
our cafe was quarantined for 3 days after an inspection few days back.
dang it.
so we had to walk ALL the way to ukc to get food.
not fun i tell you.
but i guess its good for the legs aite.
trying to make this situation just a lil bit more appealing.
plus theres a chance of spotting eye candy while waiting.
all the better reason for the long trip.
sengal+gatal = kami. *emphasize on the kami , not aku oke.ka.mi. ;P;P*

oh yeah,
todays trip to MidV and Pudu.
Went to mid cuz my roomate wants to meet up with her schoolmates from uitm sh.alam.
the to Pudu for some bus ticks. *kwn ak yg nak, smua kalut nk blik raya woi. ;p*
It was nice, walking around aimlessly around mid without spending a cent,
excluding the meals and occasional snacks that is.
it'd be better to actually get some shopping done.
Damn that allowance. Gimme my money nowww.
went to Pudu after waiting like forever for a bus,
in the end we hitched a can anyway,
tolerance running low after a while.
Got the tickets.check
Bought munchies.check.
Taking a bus.urrgghh.
after walking around
and round
and round.
i think this went down for almost half and hour.
and finally.
we found the correct bustop.
at long damn lastt.
there you go.
we felt so damn grateful when we finally arrived at uia.
and for me,
at least its not another dull day spent cooped up in this place.
and ive got some cool pics as tokens.
all's well.
this is me,taking a note from how to be happy. by Dr.whatshisname.

  • count your blessings. heck, once uve start,the list could go on and on. a simple way to brighten up your day. it worked for me at least. :D

till l8er,
Assalamualaikum. :D

Nov 11, 2009


good news and coincidences seems to be coming one after another.
feeling so good it almost hurts.
sounds uber silly and childish.
thats whats crushing [hardd] is all about.

p/s ; the seemingly plain things are the most deceiving.

Nov 9, 2009

what to do what to do.

sorry in advance for this long and dull entry,
just sharing what went down this few days.
enjoy, *if u can xD*

this is my 1st week of class in AED.
new classmates, whose names i didnt even catch btw,haha *sombongsnggoh*
but yeah,
hopefully we'll get closer soon.
only 3 AED classes in a week, 6 hours of lecture,
and then there only FIM,Arabic n Tilawah,
and im basically having 2-3 hours at most of classes every day, except for Monday that is.
and theres hardly anyone who's free on Monday *i so totally understand Garfield right now*

only had to endure 2 hours of arabic today *8-10*
and its a loooong endless free time for me,:D
sounds great doesnt it,
but i kinda miss the hectic lifestyle of an Engin student.
just ever so microscopicly so.

and then theres the smac *uia's sports fest* going on the campus,
sorta gets you all hyped up about working out innit?
at the very least,
it was fun watching the events,
cheering like mad and stuff, *ex engine turned AED, had to go with AED aite? sori bdk2 engin.*

and with so much time in my hands,
i thought,
why not at least try to get in shape aite?
well, not exactly in shape per say, but, yeah, i feel a strong need to exercise more often,
after all, this tummy aint gettin flatter each day. im gonna look like a ball soon unless i do something about it.
so far, ive gone to the gym 2 times this week,
each was like, a 45 min session? give or take.
feels to good to sweat a little,
though the stench i can deal without.
im not trying to pull myself too hard,
easy does it now..
but i guess you could say that im slowly but surely trying to improve my stamina this semester,
and who knows,
i might even take up a new sport while im at it.
this is seriously starting to sound like a dull diary huh?
*starting, -coughcoughcouch- i mean, when hasnt it been? xD*
sorry again,
to all how actually had the tolerance to read this whole post, i thank u~ hee

thats it for now i guess,
now just have to wait for 5pm to legally get out of campus,
pasar malam JOMMM~

c ya,
  • Assalamualaikum :D

Nov 3, 2009

at long last.

just checked the results for the qualifying test,AED yesterday.
and there it was.
o yeah!~

Oct 30, 2009

this is how it goes.~

todays the last day of classes for the 1st week of my 2nd semester.
and it was seriously way too different than my previous one. and that pretty much just didnt agree with me.
this whole week was pretty much spent on sorting out schedules at the add and drop session,
and of course, going directly to the department and such.
wasnt fun i tell you. was,not,fun.
the absence of lecturers for comp2 and maths2 is not too bad. haha.
i havent exactly retained any studying spirit from the last sem,
but its slooowly coming, i promise you.
yeah, i think it will. :D
got a completely new group this semester,
got random classmates stuck with me,
the one im not too close with unfortunately,
actually there were 4,
2 went to ict,
1 switched ,
and the one left,
ehh,i dont really know much about that guy.
took the qualifying test to enter AED the other day,
3 sessions altogether,
Still Life Drawing *awkwardd*
Maths *Alhamdulillah, just standard form 5 questions*
and of course,
the dreaded interview,
which i somehow managed to pull through without completely stuttering the whole time.
results would be out by next week,
and i really really hope i got in.
cant really stand another hour in physics2.
cant really comprehend how can anyone digest that subject.
and actually liking it. oii. seems mission impossible to me,
haha, and im pretty sure i'll ahve quite some back up on that. :P
pretty much spent most of my day,
wandering around campus,
quietly chilling in the library with art books for company,extremely relaxing for the mind and soul,
for me it did at least,
sorry to you who actually read this whole dull post.
thats just plain ol' me,
killing silently with my own boredness,
till later.
Assalamualaikum :D

Oct 24, 2009


time fliesss.
im going back,
UIA here I come~
and today i went to Sunway Carnival,
get a lil bit of last minute shopping done~
and a lil bit of quality time well spent with my sister,
who btw is the source of my money today.
all expense paid shopping trip,
  • *tenkiutenkiu Alonggg~*
it was fun.
scooping McFlurry on the way back,
like we always do,

and not 30 mins after we got back,
the power was down,
dlm kpanasann,
tido ramai2 dkt living room.
itulah nikmat~

home is just to good for me to leave D:
sdey woahh.
xnak balik g..
hopefully things will be much better for this new semester,
new sem.
new resolutions *which i really do hope to fulfill*

as the koreans say,
  • FIGHTING!! *k-pop obsessed freak mode xD*

till then * aka till i have access to the net again*

take care folks!
Assalamualaikum. :D

Oct 23, 2009

not yet,noooo.

theres only one day left till i have to go back to,
my sweet,
UIA. *nyaaaaaaaahaha*

its been 3 weeks in total,
here i am,
without my result *heck,me and a bunch of others who 4got to checkout from our respective mahallah*
tension kottt.

its 3 weeks,
and i've only seen my BFF,
cuz im not allowed to go out bla3.
im grateful,
its been a good break from all the stresses from stdying.
im sure as hell gonna miss lazing around the house,
helping my mum in the kitchen,
messing with my siblings * crazy,but,damn lovable to bits <3 *
and of course,
cuddling my big fat ball of orange fur *otherwise known as, Jaja, da fatt catt*

oh man,
so many things to miss while studying..
oh well,
theres still some things that i miss at my campus,
my 2nd home.
haha~ *lamelamelame*

stkt tu je ngarot utk mlm nii.

c ya!

Oct 21, 2009


i wonder which is true,
do you love me for what i am,
or what i do?


Oct 16, 2009


bit by bit..
wasting my vacation doing stuff that i'm *almost* sick of.
alih2 pc,
hijrah p tgk tv.
lukis pown da malasss,
chores skit2.

what's gonna happen to me once this holiday ends?

dhla cuti skjap.
smua org dok kt U, ak lak cuti, mna nk jmpa mmber.
caitt, srupa ley jmp la kalo dpa blik.

yeap,FYI,this IS meant to be an angsty,whiny post about my dull and routine holiday.

kesian budak bosan ni kan3?
*gila suda*
bye2 ;D

Oct 7, 2009

3weeks of....?

been home for 4 days now.
and most of that time is spent,
in fornt of the PC.
FBooking and stuff.
ceq xtaw nk wtpa sbnqnya neh
while im on my sem break,
most of my friends are busy studying.
'and theyll be chilling at their home once MY next sem starts. dang.'
still havent got a clue on how to i spend this holiday to my advantage,
just feel like,
lazing around all day and all night.
pa la nk jd ngn minah ni.


Sep 18, 2009

Gud Bai Ramadhan.

Welcoming Syawal with open hands. (Read : tadah tgn nk det raya xD)

Going back to my hometown dis afternoon.
wishing all who knows me,

  • Selamat Hari Raya ;
    Maaf Zahir & Batin

Sep 17, 2009

new addiction.

stop saying stuff like 'he looks like a girl'.
i know and dont care.

Sep 14, 2009

for more or less.

imma back home for study week.
hopin to actually study enough to scrap myself a decent pointer. *Aminnn*
here's wishin.

to those who are preparing for exams.
to those who are anticipating Aidilfitri



Aug 30, 2009



Aug 29, 2009


pakcik n makcik guard smua tgh garang thap gaban..

maybe it has something to do with hormones??

mulut jhat blan2 posa.

Aug 26, 2009


dgn mka slamberbdakberpuasa masuk kelas..
duduk balik...

aku sdah mematahkn krusi dgn machonya..
blan2 puasa la menda ni nak jdi..

kerusi reput bodo..
nsib baik aku berpuasa..
kalo x..


Aug 25, 2009


g bazaar ramadhan??


*malasnya nk study utk quiz3. assgnment comp blom sentuh pown lg. ish3*

Aug 23, 2009

ramadhan al mubarak~

puasa dah weyh~
so just wanting to wish all of you who *still* read my lamelamelame blog.
Selamat Berpuasa~
berbuka nnt tu than2 la diri..
kang boroi xley nak sujud time tarawihhh..

now life's getting a lil' bit complicated.
but its not all bad.
theres so much to learn,
and sometimes life's lessons are just too hard to understand,
and when it is finally understood.
its hard to swallow the truth.
*bapak emo pnya entry,haha*

keep your cool this Ramadhan y'all~


Jul 25, 2009

going back.

11 a.m.

isk3~ D=

Jul 21, 2009

gara gara GO!


day 4 of my stay at home.

and I didnt know where all the time went.
Cause I didnt spend it wisely enough to care,
I guess. *shrugs*

went online,
watched TV,
sms. *so-so la*,
played with the catZ,
makan3 *ish3,pa la nk jd minah ni~ xD*
played around with GIMP n


buhsan dowh.

Jul 19, 2009

confessions of a shoppaholic.

yg bru ja aku sdh tgk di PC ini.

where i come from.

i finally home for my mid semester hooooliday~ fwee!~
(sampai2 rumah tros g kenduri lak tuh..hua3)
and just my luck.
the day i came back is just when my cat decided to deliver her cute kittens *which is current progressing,umm,wierdly*
(branak mrata,xsnonoh pny kucing,sapala tuan diaa..ish3..xD)

just finished my mid sem exams yesterday *all except for arabic which is thankfully ater the break.*
and to say it was hard would be an enormous understatement.
*scared shitless*
lets just hope that i pass for all the papers i sat for. *aminnn*

it truly has been a hectic and mind wrecking week for me *and im pretty sure for many others too*
ive anticipated this day for the whole week *going home that is*,
but now that im here.
i feel almost,
i mean,
it felt like theres so much to do,
and i dont know what they are.
something is missing.
oi oi oi..
or could it be that theres so much stuff to do that i dont know where to begin with...?
oi,im a a wickedly strange person aint i?
too bad you had to read all of this.
till my mind clears up.

  • Assalamualaikum

Jun 28, 2009

in between all the traffic.

todays monday,
aka the busiest day of the week.
ive got 8 hours of lecture and only 2 free hours in between
*kuar CC ni nak g blajaq arabb,mwaha*
just a quick update..
the environment in my class is all in all quite friendly,
that is,
compared to other classes where brothers and sisters barely even talk.
*jumpa tgh jalan wat dekk jaaa.*
but thats not the case for my class,
and for that i am extremely grateful~
*budak2 klas gyla pnya saiko,nmpk ja muka sucii murniii*


Jun 22, 2009

dengan smangat berkobar-kobar.....

....aku pergi ke kelas physic,
yg tramatlah "jauh" (dpn asrama jah pown.)
tp aku sdey..
sbb klas rupa2nya batall.
dhla aku xpndai physics.
penin2 uiiii.
dgn hampa aku menyeret diri pulang ke mahallah..

...oh ya,
smalam kami bramai2 terkurung luar bilik.
roomate aku ttinggal kunci lepas kami kalut2 tukar baju..
knapa kalut soalanmu?
sbb kena sound ngn fellow psai dress code.
tertenggek la 3 srangkai makhluk 303A ZC dpn booth pak/makcik guard dgn muka seposenn.

*xdak idea nk tulis blog tp gatai kena gak la garu ngan keyboardddd*


P/S : xley nk outing fellow kata...H1N1 di smua cruk petaling jayaa.


Jun 20, 2009

how long has it been?

(tajok tak bley blahhh pny...)

main point~

i havent been online for like,almost a week? (xigt la.)

and during that period,

ive grown accustomed with my class a.k.a group.

which by the way is Group 36~ (we rock,yeahh.)

consisting of 21 boys and only 5 girls.


you know it.

(takot gyla msa mula2 masok kelasss.)

but,im quite satisfied because during my time here,

my belied that UIA is extremely strict and lame etc2. has dissipated.


some of us are even crazier than those in other non religious universities.

we rock. *dgn ayunyaa. HAHA.*

so far,

havent been able to chat with all the brothers in my group,

too many la...(tebal spuloh dinding mukaku.)

but some of them are super-friendly. (+klakar nak mampos.)

and as for the sisters,

it only took the 1st class for us to be acquainted~

ones that ive got to know the littlest bit better are~

Ilham *mcm minah arab skali pndang,gila m3*


,Amilia *hobi sama,wuuhuu.*

& Aisyah *pown sama hobinya,heheh.*.

for the brothers *that i have the courage to talk to that is*

Irham,our class rep. *chinese+kelantan but stays near PJ*

Adeep. *half indian,doesnt look like it tho. superrr funny.*

Usherr~ *dont know much,just that people call him usher,fullstop.*


thats it?

yoo.memory lemah amatt.


ive got LOTS more to talk about.

but my brain is not up to its usual speed *yg mmg xbrapa lajuuu*

oh yeah,

Jun 10, 2009

seeeeeeeee-lamat pagi chekgu.

sorry for the level of angst o lameness that seems to make a steady appearance in my posts lately..
my motivation to blog as active as before seems to be decreasing ever so slightly.
maybe its the lack of topics,*as if my previous topics were any better.*
but mostly,
i blame it on the CC. *xdak duett. xD*

moving on!~
classes have started this week.
each faculty is further divide into groups.
and groups are determined by our EPT *english.placement.test* result.
and i,*unfortunately* got exempted,
which is to say,no English class,ever. w00h00...not.
why say NO to being exempted you say,
the common misconception that lack of english lessons equals less jammed schedules are overrated.
you see.
people with lower grades are required to spend at most 2 years at CFS = happy schedule.
ones that are exempted,1 1/2 years = damn straight unhappy,packed schedules.
and whats worse,and totally unfair.
grade 4 EPT gets to skip one of the subjects this sem,
*dahla jdual depa free,sroh la depa blajaq. kami yg dok busy gyla ni.tambah2 lagi noh.cipanciritla!*
i got a super cool classmate.Amilia's the name.
cool because we have one thing in common.
*among others*
drawing anime!
w00t *hepihepi*
that is all.....kot?
till next time.

Assalamualaikum. =D

Jun 7, 2009

mata separuh buta.

bgn awl.
jadual kata kelas kol 8.
7.35 setia menanti.
sampai kol 9.10.
lecturer tidak muncull.
anda sembelitkah?
buang masa emas yg ley guna utk tidoo.


Jun 6, 2009

i like to move it move it,

as per damn usual ,
theres basically nothing to talk about as of yet.
classes still havent started,
im assuming the schedules will be ready by tomorrow,
but im not sure.
to quote exactly what the board displayed,
"schedules will be posted latest by monday,8 june 2009"
(mak,kalo xsiap jugak esok nak ngamokkk.)
one of my roomies went for the overnight outing this friday,
probably will be back this afternoon,dont know.
(iqahhh,kelik la..aku bosan neyhh.)
this is yesterday.
went to mid valley.
spent more than i planned for.
which is not much but still.
(baru ja dpt 100 3-4 ari dah nak abess)
skrg bajet2 la makann.
"nasi+pegedil ja aku bedai hari2"
dinnernya megii.
orait bebeh,
chow duloo~


Jun 4, 2009

foto foto toto.

nak upload gambo.
xley gna USB port CC yg poyooo.
sdey sdey..
adoila makcik..
tulun akuu..

Jun 3, 2009

na. na na naaa~

classes haven't started yet.
heck,the course module and schedules aren't even ready.
whats left to do but.
go to CC.
chilling in the library (sbb nak rasa aircond,mwahahaha.)
and sometimes go down to the 1st floor to watch TV. (sbb tngkt 1 ja ada astroo.)
tp nnt dah start blajar kaluu.
konpem xdak masa nk buhsannnnn.
rindooo youtube!!...


May 30, 2009

kehidupan UIA *up until now.*

sorry for the rushed entry form before..
using a CC is very,
its not as laid back as i'd wish for. *nyaahaha.ngada2*
as i previously mentioned,
my application to change courses wasnt approved by IIUM.
the day the result came,i was almost 100% sure that it was.
but as I scan through the names of the successful applicants,
i was disappointed each time.
*pastu g briefing engine mata dok brair ja,nk tqiak xcukup feel*
and then i just go so damn freaking mad at almost everything,
i mean,
how could i not??

One of the lecturers said,
the amount of students who enrolled in the engine program (1000+ btw) is way higher than the faculty can cater to.
spesifically speaking,
*depa smua nak 800 org ja pownnn.gila kentang*
which us back to the matter fo my rejected application,
i mean,
if they're so desperate to get rid of the extras.
*approve ja la application aku WOI!*
cam shialll.


tukar topik.
ONLY if,
theres no other way,
i might stick with engineering,
*mna nak taw,kot2 aku pndai kaaa.
and then,
if the job market for female engineers is too hard to penetrate,
*jadi cikgu/lecturer engine kott??*
doa2kan lah makhluk saiko kebingungan ini yaaaa~
cian la kt akuu.

tukar lagi topikkk.


aside from the shitty application issue.
*syok gak dok sini eyhhh*
the food's cheap,facilities are complete, and people are friendly..
i want to introduce my roommates,
sorry for the lack of picturesss...
Umi from Tganuu *org kampungkuu,haha.*
and there's Iqah from Kelantan *smua pntai tmurr*
*so,kalo col aku xdgq pelat utagha,mintak maap la yaa*
but have no fear,
theres clubs for students from specific background,
e.g. (Kelantan,Tganu,etc.)
but mine is Kelab Anak Utara *btoi ka dak xtaw nama dia..*
consisting of those from Penang,Perlis,Kedah and Perak.
*sbb org utara sini xramaiii.*

pa lg eyhh..
smlm g Mid Valley.
shopping mmg best la.
i cant say no to that.
but there certainly a lot to be said ( more like,criticise) about the facilities.
mall punya gedabak,
surau punyala keciiiiiiiikkk.
pacific pown surau beso.
dahla tndas mcm serrr.
k la.

May 29, 2009

doa termakbul? eyhhhh??

xdpt tukar course.
stuck with engineering.
gatai sgt kta nak dok KL.
nah amek,
dok la ang kt KL dgn course ntah ape2.
shiallan looo..
mummy kata,
jgn pening2.
CC dah abeh masa.

May 26, 2009

UIA ohh UIA..~

its been 5 days since ive arrived in UIA..
and it is HARRRDDD..
xpenah puas tidoo.
tdo kol 12-1 pagi..
pastu kalo kna qiammm..3 jam ja la aku tidoo..
enough with the pointless whining above **ignoreiitt**
other than the demanding and time consuming activities..
its pretty nice.
though im probably not gonna stay in PJ..
(Art students' campus is in Nilai D= )

going to (probably that is) Nilai this Friday..
i heard from one of the seniors here that the food there is more expensivee *keringlapoketkuinii*
the people here are like, SUPER friendly..
the rules are very strict but that is to be expected.
most of the time i feel like i dont belong here..
but hopefully it'll help me be a better person *aminnnn*
akula budak UIA paling shaiiikoooo.
yes i am.

and uhh....
kepada makhluk2 yg mengenalii..
aku rinduu kat ampa smuaaa.

and uh..
c ya~
i guess.


May 22, 2009

going away.

im going away,
wondering if its a better place,
and there i will stay,
and my heart longs to see you face..
i know,
everything's gonna work out somehow..
so lets just drown in everything..
right here, right now.
oo yeah..
right here right now.

liana wat lagu poyo secara spontan smbil mengemas beg~

tomorrows the big (somewhat) day~
im not ready, but probably i never will be..
but that's just me,
im a very dependant person,
always need lil' push in the right direction,
and in this case of the day,
its in the direction of UIA.
thank god there a lot of people i can lean on.
i feel like theres still so much i didnt get to do yet..
and already am i gonna have to leave my darling family and friends..
and of course, my cats.. oh the catsss...
who i've been taking care of this whole holiday..
and who i probably wont be seeing by the time i get back.
(for sure kena buang sbb smua malas nak jaga. aiseh,bencibencibenci!)
but hey,
today's been pretty good,
i went out with my sister albeit for just less than 3hours for some last minute shopping.
im gonna miss my (crazywackyconceitedbitchycockycoolandetc) older sis so so so much.
and my mother aka best cook in the world.
who btw pretty much controls everything involved with me going to U.
but,she has the best interests at heart and, well, mother knows best aite?
and of course,
a i repeatedly said (typed,wtv) im gonna miss school. SMKDOB to be exact.
ive made many good friends during my stay..
  • Theen,Melia,Qis,Pah,Syifa,Eli,Fifi,Bibi,Fiqah and many others who're just so crazy and sweet.
i love you guys!! rindunya aku kt ampa smua nnt woii.. (aceceyh,mcmla nk p london.ngeh3~)
and speaking of guys.
makhluk2 yg control ensem,gatai mengerla,kuat naro memanjang (bkanla smua ok.sstngahh.)
rindu gak nnt..
  • Lan,Iqbal,Farid,Rafi,Leman,Na-Q,Azim,Yoyoi,Hariz,Zul,dan mkhluk2 swaktuu.

arr,pa lg ar?? oh yeaaa,kalo sbut nma jgn terasa =P
good luck to those who're also leaving for their respective universities, and,
thats all.
i guess.
will update soon as possible.
love you lovely n insane people!~


May 18, 2009


Jolae by Lee Jung Hyun

Imitation (Dance Battle) by Kara

still not enough...

i miss school so bad.
all of the 5 years i spent at smkdob just doesnt feel enough.
no no no.
i want MOARR~
well,maybe not more of the dulldulldull history lessons,
i think ive had more than my fair share of those seemingly never ending lecturesss.
i dont think the experience i had in school can ever be compared.
(makk,nak masok form 6 leyh kotttt..;P)

but i want to be proved wrong so badly.
cause soon im gonna have to leave home,
to be in a completely alien enviroment,
and the friend making process is gonna start all over again,
i hope its not gonna be to hard to find ones who share the same idiotic and crazy views i have,
one can only hope...NOT

i'm still gonna have to try..
and then leave it all up to hope and fate.

la la la..

rindunya aku kat makhluk2 pelik KB nanttttiiii...

May 17, 2009

move to the groove.

funky beats to shake your *ahem* to. xD

May 15, 2009

hepi2 GO ke-ba-bow!~

today Dato' Onn held it's annual cross country race among students~
and they had to do itt...

in the freaking RAIN!
those poor2 souls..

and ..

even after that kind of experience,
two of my lovely buds still had the time to pay me a visit..
aceceyh..xley blah pny budak,haha~

we spent two+ hours near the beach
*at the fortunately still unoccupied playground is more like it*

it seemed so fast though.
time flies when you're having copious amount of funfunfunnnn~

ni la antara kejadah yg kami buat kat pantai~

(tangkap gambar punya banyak xlarat nak upload smua)

May 13, 2009

happy birtday Syafa! *finallylegal*

happy birthday Syafa!~
(ada org suda cukup umooo..huhu)
may love and happiness will always surround you wherever you go...
and may all your troubles melt away into nothing..

ha! semoga anda menjadi semakin chumeyl3! xD!

and of course, may god bless you dear~

May 12, 2009

activity (s) : snapping pictures, studying photo editing tutorials, lazing around
mood : uninspired
location (s) : in front of the PC, room.

not really that bored..
its just that i seriously dont know what to do to kill time..
at least I had some fun last night doing the BBQ~

k bye.

May 9, 2009

siput b*bi.

awat slow sangat masa jalan nihh.

May 8, 2009



the road streches again,
multiple paths born,
choose you must,
the fate is sealed,
fate which you do not know,
the happiness you seek,
the burden on your shoulders,
crushing all choice but one,
the hole left empty,
because you chose to fill another's.

May 7, 2009

hot AND cute!


  • (So Hot)

  • (Irony)

  • (Tell Me)

wonder BABY!!!
  • (doing the dance routine from Irony, Tell Me and So Hot)

so,which one do YOU like?

(khas utk mmber2 Xam)

May 6, 2009


today I went for the IPG interview (for TESL),
which didn't suck as much as i expect it would be.
but hey,
im known for being super jumpy about these kind of things.

video of the moment!! *well,at least,my moment that is xD*

Fire (1st single by 2NE1)

May 5, 2009

tajok : ah,sial.

got an offer from UIA.
but not for the course I aimed for.
Alhamdulillah la aku dapat gak.
given that there's a chance that I can change course, i'll be satisfied.
esok ada temudaga IPG weyh!
aku xmaw p!
argh sial!!!
aku blah skrg.
brambos korang.

Apr 30, 2009

road trip.

going back to dungun.
to pick up my brother.
aku xsukaaa.
the way my dad drives,
leaves SOOO much to be desired.
sakit perutla aku esok.

Apr 28, 2009

ABC's of me myself and I.

Ooh la la~
curik kat Mya pny blog lg..~

You've been tagged, and you're supposed to write a note with the
"ABC's of Me." At the end, choose people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. :)

A - Age:
17 going 18
B - Bed size: Queen

C - Chore you hate: Jemur kain.

D - Dog's name:
E - Essential start your day item:
F - Favorite color:
Black,anything bright really.
G - Gold or Silver:
H - Height:
I - Instruments you play(ed): sadly,none

J - Job title: Penganggur teramatlah berjaya~

K - Kid(s): In the future

L - Living arrangements: nuclear family

M - Mom and dad live near or far: very very near.xD

N - Nicknames: Liana,Yana,Na, etc.

O - Overnight hospital stay (other than birth):3-4 years ago?

P - Pet Peeve:
When the sink fills up just minutes after I cleared it. yeah.. (penat oo.)
Q - Quote from a movie: *but why is the rum gone??* (haha,savvy?)

R - Right or left handed:
S - Siblings: Myself included,4.

T - Time you wake up: 10-12? a.m

U- Underwear: Black

V - Vegetable you dislike:
long beans.
W - Ways you run late:
Got up late.
X - X-rays you've had: My right leg, back when I'm 13.

Y - Yummy food you make: Nasi goreng ah?

Z - Zoo favorite:
Anything that looks cuddly. And felines~

Apr 26, 2009

random stuff


[bi-reft] Show IPA
1. a pt. and pp. of bereave.
2. deprived: They are bereft of their senses. He is bereft of all happiness.


[bi-reev] Show IPA –verb (used with object), -reaved or -reft, -reav⋅ing.
1. to deprive and make desolate, esp. by death (usually fol. by of): Illness bereaved them of their mother.
2. to deprive ruthlessly or by force (usually fol. by of): The war bereaved them of their home.
3. Obsolete. to take away by violence.

tr.v. be·reaved or be·reft (-rěft'), be·reav·ing, be·reaves
  1. To leave desolate or alone, especially by death: "Cry aloud for the man who is dead, for the woman and children bereaved" (Alan Paton).
  2. Archaic To take (something valuable or necessary), typically by force.

Apr 25, 2009

murid2,mari kita belajarr~ xD

i just stumbled across a new word moments ago,
and it had a very nice ring to it
sort of sounds like a weird type of disease dont it?
here's the actual definition.



1. a person or thing detested or loathed: That subject is anathema to him.
2. a person or thing accursed or consigned to damnation or destruction.
3. a formal ecclesiastical curse involving excommunication.
4. any imprecation of divine punishment.:[They] denounce anathemas against unbelievers
5. a curse; execration. : "the sound of a witch's anathemas in some unknown tongue"

one who has caused me so much pain, the anathema in my life.

Apr 23, 2009

bosannnn = survey

bosan2, curik nih kat Mya pny blog.

ready,get set..

Honestly, who are most of the texts in your phone from?
-honestly? depends on the day. xD

Honestly, have you ever taken anyone back who cheated on you?
-not that there are any,but,heck NO.

Honestly, how many people have you completely fallen for?
-3. now only one remains.

Honestly, whats on your mind?
-urghh,sakit perut. bwahaha.

Honestly, did you watch Shot of Love with Tila Tequila?
-gapo dio tuh?

Honestly, what are you sick of ?
-being cooped up in my room all the time.

Honestly, what do you want right now?
-to be with my friends,rinduuu,rindu serindu2nyaaa~

Honestly, have you ever made anyone cry?
-yesh. not proud of it but,yeah.

If you could go back 3 months and change something would you?
-i wouldnt have left her alone.

Is there anyone who doesn't like you?
-mesti ada pnyalah..

Do you miss anyone?
-mmber2ku syg~

Do you believe in love at first sight?
-not really.

Can you honestly say that things are running smoothly for you?

Have you ever dated a soccer player?

Are you listening to music right now?

When you say you don't care, do you mean it?

Do you think anyone is thinking of you?
-i hope so.haha.

If the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?
-autumnn? or spring. blergh,i cant choose.

What were you doing at 8 am this morning?

Do you like pancakes?

Have you told anybody you love them today?

Did you mean it?

Do you crack your knuckles?

Ever had a girl best friend?

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Who did you last get pissed off at?
-oh,haha. sshh. xley.

Is it easy for someone to make you smile/laugh?

What was the last thing you drank?
-Ribenaa~ teman setia andaaa~

Do you feel like an idiot every time you step into Hot Topic?
-never did,so,donno.

Does your favorite mall have more than one floor?

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
-yg spasang standard tu ja la. tattoo. haram sial.

Have you ever met someone who is incredible?

What's the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?
-tgk jam kt phone.

Think back to the last person you held hands with, have you kissed them?
-tgn siapa lak ak pgg?

When was the last time you bought something?
-last week?

teman2ku seharian.

im seriously low on topics good enough for this blog.
scratch that,
im not low on them,
i freakin dont have anything to post.
this is simply done to kill time.


todays topic is,well,my cats. (neko chan~)
why cats?
simply because,
they're my faithful companions while being bored do death at home.
this here is Chicky.
and while we dont exactly keep track on their age,
i think she's approximately 6 years old? (thats OLD in cat years,ya know.)
and she is by far, the heaviest.
and also,the meanest one..
any strays who dare cross her path shall be slain (bwahahah! *cough2*)
unto the next one..

Lulu's the name.
Eyhh.2-3 years old? i think.
she's a mix of persian and uhm,some fortunate stray.
basically,one night,she followed one of my brother's friend home and..
well,we've kept her since..
she's a feisty one.. (jangan brani pelokkk. nanti mampos.)
she gave birth to 4 kittens on the 1st day of SPM last year. (xdak time lain dah nk beranak.)
but one unfortunately died. T_T

here are her babies. (baby tua la kot. haha.)

my personal favorite.
the smallest,
and certainly most active of the litter.
  • looks cutest when : she's playing. duh. ( & bila dia gonggong bola kertas.)

this tiny (well,not so tiny) terror is Jiji.
she inherits her mother's uhm, i guess you can call it temper?
(kucing garang? hmmm.)
i love her eyes, cause she's the only one green eyed. (the other 4 shares the similar yellow,almost golden colour)
i love her tail (lentik bebbb..gebu2 lak tuh. kehkeh.)
  • looks cutest when : she's staying still and not trying to chew my fingers off.

this fat fat guy here (yes,guy,the only male~) is Jaja.
(haha,xmacho langsung nama dia.)
he's obviously.FAT.
and also the fluffiest,
almost a full blooded persian i guess (aku xtaw bapaknya sapa,so...)
he is extremeeeeeeeely lazy. (baling bola depan mata wat bodo ja. kalo smpai kat tgn baru nk men. jongos.)
and likes to cry (cry meaning, kucing gemok ni kuat merengek.)
macam kucing pondan,sakit hati dibuatnya.
and he is always hungry. (perutmu bocorkah?)
  • looks cutest when : he shuts his trap.

that would be all for today's show.

Assalamualaikum! =D