Oct 30, 2011

a question for the ladies~ (gents too, doesnt matter really)

would you stop liking someone just because he/she's taken?.
would you take that risk?

i hate this;

its been only moments since I felt like I havent been in a long time.
and I cant even have that anymore.

*yes,im not making sense,just needed to get that out of my system*

Oct 14, 2011

its that time again..

this blog is in dire need of substance to make it somewhat alive~
anyways, for now, no updates basically due to the fact that im simply uninspired to post anything , that and also the inescapapable fact that i have extremely limited internet connection in my room, or to put in a better term, my compartment.
Yes, one room, 4 compartments and only one has decent wifi.
Screw you campus connections.
As for life, its been slightly more than a month since I entered my undergraduate program as Bachelor of Applied Arts aka AAD. Its been really fun, somewhat stressful, and bursting with new experience and memories.
So far , no nights are spent sleepless, Alhamdulillah.
Although that is not entirely considered a good thing, because while I may be getting sufficient shut eye.. Im not doing as well as I hoped in my studies, I know sleep or not, I should be able to push myself much further. 20 should bring at least some significance in the terms of my discipline and priorities ; keyword 'should'
instead I find myself in the same pattern ;
Knowing that something's bad for me yet succumbing to it anyway.
I should care more. I should try harder. I should stop having Gossip Girl marathons while theres assignments to do. I should I should I should.
For now, I'll just take comfort in the fact that there are many others sharing this phase , or at least, I think there is.
till then~

 zài jiàn!!