Jul 25, 2009

going back.

11 a.m.

isk3~ D=

Jul 21, 2009

gara gara GO!


day 4 of my stay at home.

and I didnt know where all the time went.
Cause I didnt spend it wisely enough to care,
I guess. *shrugs*

went online,
watched TV,
sms. *so-so la*,
played with the catZ,
makan3 *ish3,pa la nk jd minah ni~ xD*
played around with GIMP n Paint.net.


buhsan dowh.

Jul 19, 2009

confessions of a shoppaholic.

yg bru ja aku sdh tgk di PC ini.

where i come from.

i finally home for my mid semester hooooliday~ fwee!~
(sampai2 rumah tros g kenduri lak tuh..hua3)
and just my luck.
the day i came back is just when my cat decided to deliver her cute kittens *which is current progressing,umm,wierdly*
(branak mrata,xsnonoh pny kucing,sapala tuan diaa..ish3..xD)

just finished my mid sem exams yesterday *all except for arabic which is thankfully ater the break.*
and to say it was hard would be an enormous understatement.
*scared shitless*
lets just hope that i pass for all the papers i sat for. *aminnn*

it truly has been a hectic and mind wrecking week for me *and im pretty sure for many others too*
ive anticipated this day for the whole week *going home that is*,
but now that im here.
i feel almost,
i mean,
it felt like theres so much to do,
and i dont know what they are.
something is missing.
oi oi oi..
or could it be that theres so much stuff to do that i dont know where to begin with...?
oi,im a a wickedly strange person aint i?
too bad you had to read all of this.
till my mind clears up.

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