Aug 27, 2010

just a little bit more to go.

honestly, does anyone even read these things i keep rambling about? lol.
anyway, finals are coming fast and of course that also means, holidays are almost here!


felt like its been ages since ive been home. aigoo, bogo shippeoso ~

and now we're down to our final projects, which so far im having extremely mixed feelings about,
but anyway im just gonna try and do my best, InsyaAllah.
having seeeriously messed up one of my previous projects, and of course, those preceding werent great either, unfortunately, i seriously have to get my grades up.
or else.
the fact that im the one that chose this path and that my parents are willing enough to give their consent makes
it all the more important in doing so.
so lend me your strength so that i may go through this semester smoothly to the end.

Aug 15, 2010

you got GIMPed!

the hardisk is still out of service for a while. cant really tell when i'll get it running properly again.
i need my kpop. its my drug. jebal dorawaaa.~
although, being kpopless for a while is kiiiiinda refreshing, in a way,
that is, gave me plenty of time to focus on my other passion, editingg.
the main subject though doesnt come far from my obsession with the korean music scene.
i blame it on their total awesomeness. bwahahahh!
without further ado!~
 feast you eyes. (and leave comments <3)

many more to come ;)

stay tuned!!

Aug 14, 2010

waaa. manyak habok ooo ini blog.

cant believe its already been more than a months since i updated this thing.
i blame this on, uhhh, kpop? HAHAH
no really, cant even recall what got me so preoccupied lately. is it those annoying gc projects? or..
anyway, had it not been the fact that my laptop is giving me so much crap today i think this entry wouldnt even came to be, damn is seriously need to get this thing formatted (blikla cpat Angah oi).
So now im pretty much cut out from my entertainment today, which mostly had to do with the fact that my hardisk is currently unaccesible, as i spent the last 3 hours googling for a solution and yet so far nothing has worked,
in fact, more problems keep popping up,now i cant even install any antivirus . how the heck am i supposed to be protected? D:
never felt this frustrated in a long long time.
at time like this the pain of being away from home really kicks you in the gut. oyy oyy.
i think i wont be back home until the Raya hols start. so am gonna be stuck fasting in PJ till then.
oh well, at least there are friends here, though it tends to be quite lonely near the weekends with everyone flocking back to their homes.
and i can only sit and watch as the come and go. (aceyh ayt bajet sdih xbole blah punyeeee).

so now im stuck in my room. nak mkan xbole sbb pose,
hardisk pon dah kong,  

tnggu bbuke je la jwbnye.
 annyeongkahseyooo . Salam Ramadhan al Mubarak. (eh, nape ak ttibe tingat tasmi' ah? LOL)