Sep 18, 2010

abes sudah cutiku.

so kne balik PJ.

Sep 17, 2010

bukak lah semuaa~

tomorrow im gonna be having an eid open house, right here in sweet sweet penang,
its really beeen quite a while since i've celebrated eid at my own home,
usually im back in my hometown during the whole celebration,
now that i finally got a chance to host my own open house it feels pretty good,
uuuunfortunately, theres something thats standing in the way of my joy,
that is, uia and its weird set of holidays.
it almost aaaaalways clashes with the other universities,
so im left with less than a handful of friends that could make it tomorrow *tear* D:
and eventhough id love to invite my campus friends over, the fact that they're all over Malaysia pretty much renders the dream imposibble,
xpe,nnt kta wat 'open room' la nmpknya
im still gonna try to have a blast tomorrow.wheeee~

p:s - watched 2NE1 comback just now, and they even won on MB,o-yeah! *proudtobeaBlackJack*. 

for those who cant comprehend what i just said, just ignore that,thats me my usual kpopholic self ;D

Sep 15, 2010

this eid.

havent been able to blog for a while during this raya. because i was away for a while aka baaaalik kampungg.

the first day of eid marks my 19th birthday,which i guess is pretty cool.
i still dont find anything particularly special about that,other then my FB beeing flooded with birthday-cum-raya wishes,which was a pleasant thing to get on such a jolly day.
but again, im just a lil bit bummed from the fact that the people who i wanted the wishes from the most just seems to forget,oh well,not everything goes our way huh~

now im spending all that remains of my holiday,and then back to the campus to *try* and study my butt off for the finals, and then more touching up for the coming portfolio day which i dread so much on the 27th~
i hope this semester had  good ending,aminn.

Sep 4, 2010

countdown to RAYA.

the more i think about it, the more it seems so unreal.
this is it, HOLIDAYS are here!
more importantly,
dah nak RAYA woii! ;D
the moments seem to pass so slowly till im finally back home again, missing my family so badly.
although im a lil bit upset by the fact that my big fat kitty went missing last week,
and i only came to know about it today D:
waaa kucing bulatkuuuu~ D':

tis' all, gudbai.