Oct 30, 2009

this is how it goes.~

todays the last day of classes for the 1st week of my 2nd semester.
and it was seriously way too different than my previous one. and that pretty much just didnt agree with me.
this whole week was pretty much spent on sorting out schedules at the add and drop session,
and of course, going directly to the department and such.
wasnt fun i tell you. was,not,fun.
the absence of lecturers for comp2 and maths2 is not too bad. haha.
i havent exactly retained any studying spirit from the last sem,
but its slooowly coming, i promise you.
yeah, i think it will. :D
got a completely new group this semester,
got random classmates stuck with me,
the one im not too close with unfortunately,
actually there were 4,
2 went to ict,
1 switched ,
and the one left,
ehh,i dont really know much about that guy.
took the qualifying test to enter AED the other day,
3 sessions altogether,
Still Life Drawing *awkwardd*
Maths *Alhamdulillah, just standard form 5 questions*
and of course,
the dreaded interview,
which i somehow managed to pull through without completely stuttering the whole time.
results would be out by next week,
and i really really hope i got in.
cant really stand another hour in physics2.
cant really comprehend how can anyone digest that subject.
and actually liking it. oii. seems mission impossible to me,
haha, and im pretty sure i'll ahve quite some back up on that. :P
pretty much spent most of my day,
wandering around campus,
quietly chilling in the library with art books for company,extremely relaxing for the mind and soul,
for me it did at least,
sorry to you who actually read this whole dull post.
thats just plain ol' me,
killing silently with my own boredness,
till later.
Assalamualaikum :D

Oct 24, 2009


time fliesss.
im going back,
UIA here I come~
and today i went to Sunway Carnival,
get a lil bit of last minute shopping done~
and a lil bit of quality time well spent with my sister,
who btw is the source of my money today.
all expense paid shopping trip,
  • *tenkiutenkiu Alonggg~*
it was fun.
scooping McFlurry on the way back,
like we always do,

and not 30 mins after we got back,
the power was down,
dlm kpanasann,
tido ramai2 dkt living room.
itulah nikmat~

home is just to good for me to leave D:
sdey woahh.
xnak balik g..
hopefully things will be much better for this new semester,
new sem.
new resolutions *which i really do hope to fulfill*

as the koreans say,
  • FIGHTING!! *k-pop obsessed freak mode xD*

till then * aka till i have access to the net again*

take care folks!
Assalamualaikum. :D

Oct 23, 2009

not yet,noooo.

theres only one day left till i have to go back to,
my sweet,
UIA. *nyaaaaaaaahaha*

its been 3 weeks in total,
here i am,
without my result *heck,me and a bunch of others who 4got to checkout from our respective mahallah*
tension kottt.

its 3 weeks,
and i've only seen my BFF,
cuz im not allowed to go out bla3.
im grateful,
its been a good break from all the stresses from stdying.
im sure as hell gonna miss lazing around the house,
helping my mum in the kitchen,
messing with my siblings * crazy,but,damn lovable to bits <3 *
and of course,
cuddling my big fat ball of orange fur *otherwise known as, Jaja, da fatt catt*

oh man,
so many things to miss while studying..
oh well,
theres still some things that i miss at my campus,
my 2nd home.
haha~ *lamelamelame*

stkt tu je ngarot utk mlm nii.

c ya!

Oct 21, 2009


i wonder which is true,
do you love me for what i am,
or what i do?


Oct 16, 2009


bit by bit..
wasting my vacation doing stuff that i'm *almost* sick of.
alih2 pc,
hijrah p tgk tv.
lukis pown da malasss,
chores skit2.

what's gonna happen to me once this holiday ends?

dhla cuti skjap.
smua org dok kt U, ak lak cuti, mna nk jmpa mmber.
caitt, srupa ley jmp la kalo dpa blik.

yeap,FYI,this IS meant to be an angsty,whiny post about my dull and routine holiday.

kesian budak bosan ni kan3?
*gila suda*
bye2 ;D

Oct 7, 2009

3weeks of....?

been home for 4 days now.
and most of that time is spent,
in fornt of the PC.
FBooking and stuff.
ceq xtaw nk wtpa sbnqnya neh
while im on my sem break,
most of my friends are busy studying.
'and theyll be chilling at their home once MY next sem starts. dang.'
still havent got a clue on how to i spend this holiday to my advantage,
just feel like,
lazing around all day and all night.
pa la nk jd ngn minah ni.