Jan 18, 2010


fellow2,pakgad makgad uia tgh buat kempen saman besar2an.
warga pelajar uia smua skema sminggu.hahahaha
rambut smua pendek.
kasot smua itam.

Jan 13, 2010

as of right now..

currently obsessed with
-going to the library ,free internet ilovefree, air conditioning and great books is heavenly. and oh the lovely silence.
 except for th sound of fingers vigorously typing away to their hearts content.
-following Blogs of Note. absolute joy to read.
-drawing again (oh joy joy)
-sleep (not proud of this one tho, D:)

;this post is courtesy of iium's freeeee internet, lovelovelove

and oh yeah, aku pinjam buku hriniii. gempak en? hahahahaah *bangga lebih*


Jan 6, 2010

mekasih jela bang.

raudhah fest has finally got cfs in a,well,festive mood.
with so many great events lined up for this week, i just cant help but feel giddy. lol.
exhibitions (art,science,islamic,u name it we got it) charity (palestin&blood donations) sales (book n food fairs) and sports!! (flying fox,absailing) and so so much more. *bapak gempak seyhh*
the art and science exhibitions were pretty cool,
the lovely artworks displayed were thanks to past aed students. *oh yay aed. ;)*
but seeing all of those eerily complicated yet beautiful pieces is making me super nervous for my own assignments in the future. so much talent and work were put in making those.
speaking of talent ; in the art corner, theres this girl whose taking minimal charge for drawing animified potraits,
how cool is that?? and the best thing is, at first i thought she was a student, turns out, she's just finished SPM.
and her drawings were so gorgeous!!
i felt envy right to the bone, and yet, felt so amazed at the same time.
its kinda making feel guilty for slacking off so much this past year, havent done any serious practice like I used to.
maybe this is kind of a wake up call? idk. hohoho.
i need to be back on track.

oh yeah, tonight's is the event thats got the female population in cfs talking for the longest time.
sisters night bebeh! * nak bg cntik sket, lailah an-nisaa'. hahhaha,uia la kununnn *
hopefully it'll be a blast,
either way, im still gonna sneak out to go star gazing.now we're talkin'.
cant wait for tonight. ta!~

mekasih jela bang.

Jan 2, 2010


leadtrain is finally over with.
the speakers for the 1st session to me basically sucked. I mean, I can hardly make out what they're trying to say let alone understand what they were trying to do.
and when we were in the midst of discussing among ourselves *mostly about "what the heck is he saying???!*
comes the damn air horn *darah tlinga kamiii.adoi!*
then we had a few activities as a group (diverse.SIS!). the 1st part, memorizing names. was funny. giving your nickname ( name+characteristics). hilarious ones were "amal turtle" who everytime people tried to remember in the name game came out as "turtle ape ah? lol".
names are not my strong point so,yeah,i crashed and burned.hoho
so,that was yesterday.
today was slightly better. the speaker was speaking clearly and was hella funny to boot.
the one thing im most glad about is,it finished EARLY!
at first i was expecting late evening, but come afternoon, it was D.O.N.E

now,time to FB. ciao~

Jan 1, 2010

this is my o1.o1.1o.

at 0000, watched some pretty explosions from the comfort of my dorm.
thats it, time for bed, cause I didnt feel like waiting for the eclipse.
and then overslept *on purpose that is*.
and the went out with a few friends, id rather not be spending the new year in campus.
no chance.
and to fit the 1900 curfew *oh sgt skema aku ni*
we just went to the most convenient mall, MidV.
no shopping was done, just people watching and good food.
and some free reading at MPH. I loved that part.
and thats it.back to the U.
*wah,bosannya hari aku*
but i'll bet my toenails there are ppl who had worse,so,yay.
*yay la sgt.hoho*

signing off. *esok leadtrain D:*