Jul 7, 2010

bajet 2010.

the allowance is finally HERE!
im gonna have to plan out my cash flow extra extra carefully.
dont want history repeating itself.
scraping the atm card until the last cent dont sound that pretty now does it?
and i dont want to keep bothering the folks each time im short on $$$
1000 for 3 months.
i wonder if thats even doable.
well here's to trying!~ (opens calculator )

Jul 6, 2010

Hello (again) Madam :)

For some unknown reason, tonight marks the 3rd time my dorm room has been visited by our dear fellow. And just on time, just when our room looked like a tornado hit it AFTER a stampede of rabid jumping happy elephants.

Yes,try and picture that ladies and gents. Why oh why must I be in such an active neigbourhood D:

p/s ; blogging from M.Word rocks J

Jul 3, 2010

What happens tonight?

1st ramble

Ive lost count of how many times I wished so hard that my life is a flawless movie.

And then I smacked my head knowing that im way over my head, and for not appreciating how beautiful my life already is.

But then people tend to drown themselves in silly rainbow bright fairytales, escaping to their little happy place, trying to run away from reality when it becomes too hard to digest.

2nd ramble

People say, if you cant beat em, join em instead, sounds easy enough. But what if, you cant do that no matter how much you try. What happens then? In a situation where the only reason you want to join is because your heart is so lonely and cold. Desperately wishing the warmth of a good company. Almost to a point of choking because the hollow in your chest keeps growing, engulfing you in silent pain. What then??

3rd ramble

Im in a terrible state, as you can probably already tell. I could feel the waterworks coming again. Which reminds me, how the hell does someone start weeping all of a sudden for no reason? Is there anyone else who has experienced this? Do tell, please. I cant even figure that out myself.

I need someone,anyone. I miss home so so bad.

I say this and yet I don't even call to ask "whats up lately?" its cause thatll last for a whole 10 seconds before it gets awkward and then after 5 mins I'll just hang up, that's my family for you. Cant help it, but when we're all together, its magic.

My friends are my family too. And Im doing such a lousy job as one. Barely contact any of them now, thank God for FB. Or else I'd be worse than I am now.

Well there you go, a lil weepy whiny emo entry for tonight, sorry to bother folks. J

Jul 2, 2010

new look~

finally got around updating this layout.
made the header on an extremely free friday night. which sucks if not for the fact i had my lappie here as company.
cant really figure out how one gets through campus life without one.
and this coming from someone who didnt have one for 2 long semesters. lol.
xbersyukur pny org. ahahahah.
tell me what you guys think about the new look.
didnt really do much
cause im too lazy to meddle with the coding and what not, i just made a header and adjusted the colours from the premade template i picked.
 awesome inc. i think was the name.
just a simple clean layout, nothing much,
and im gonna keep updating insyaAllah time to time with new art :D
say yay-lah. haha.

kicking of this weekend. (these are all mini versions of the wallpapers i made btw.)

MY 1ST EVER DIY WALLPAPER. (its quite ugleeeeeh but hey, i tried.) LOL

i think this one was second. (starring the 1st boyband produced by RAIN. MBLAQ~) olleh!
and of course. VIPs rejoice. its B to the I to the G. BANG! ( a tad simple for my liking, but  i got lazy. will post a better remake, promise :) )
and in the world of KPOP we always play favourites. these are mine from 2PM. KimJunsu & HwangChansung. mr soulful melody and old maknae :D:D:D

will keep you guys updated, later!