Nov 26, 2009

truly am sorry.

im home.
and it feels good.
a short break.
a few days.
just what i needed.
after what went down few days back.
to sum it up.

felt like a monster,
hearing what they say,
the ugly truth was bitter,
what i did everyday,
never realized all those things,
the things that i do,
wasnt in my heart,
to hurt all of you,
cant say sorry,
just way to proud,
but i truly am,
for everything i did,everything that came out.

-truly am sorry.

Nov 23, 2009


today being monday and all.
was ever so slightly longer than the rest of the week.
6hours of lecture,but still,way shorter than engin students. those poor things. heee.
but of course, this amazingly empty schedule has its up and downs.
more time to study,chill and stuff. but the monotonous boredom is 7 kinds of crazy.
so plannings a must. and to at least try to stick to one.
back back back.
maths for AED is unsurprisingly way simpler than engine's. Alhamdulillah on that note.
not to say that its ridiculously simple or anythin. but easier,so,less crammed in the noggin.
but Economics is a totally different matter,
u see,
engine applies a lot of logical thinking.
and econs uses critical thinking. and its slightly harder for me, and more than half of the class that is, to digest that subject. i think im slooooowly getting the hang of it tho'.
here's hopin ay?
last core subject would be statistics. pretty ok. so far.
and then there's arabic.
final lecture for the day.
easily said. i miss my ustaz SO much.
the new lecturer's method of teaching just doesnt work.
irks me even.
i miss the way Ustaz guided us gently through the language, and never failing to sport a kind,gentle smile all through class.
i need that back, especially in Arabic2.0. its eeeeeevil. D:
finished at 4pm.
and now.
just resting a lil' bit.
before maths tonite. replacement class. woooo.

Nov 16, 2009

just another tuesday.

today.supposedly.i am to attend the arab class.eight to ten.and then the rest of the day off.
rushed to class.after taking a waytoocold early morning shower.
id rather jump into a frozen lake,
not exactly. but still. way way too cold for my liking. it does make me the teeniest bit more awake tho.
and then guess what.
to my, *dreadful* suprise.
quote " weh,class cancel, kete ustazah rosak "
oh those sweet2 wasted time that i couldve spent on my bed. D:
*dhla ujan pg td, sumpah sdap abess tidoo*
watching my roomates passed out on their beds. or mattress. wtv.
the agonyy.
back to main point.
class canceled.
me being, well, me.
lepak la babe,
kutu rayau aite.
had Bfast at ucafe,
chatted for like 2 hours. or more, cant recall.
and then here.
in the CC.
still not knowing what to do,
except turning to my daily *unhealthy* dose of facebook.
story of my life.
my dull life.
but still.
abes da ngarot.saje tgn ni gatal nak menaip.

Nov 15, 2009

count u blessings. :D

initially planned to have a quiet, relaxed weekend.
no outing, no nothing. completely detaching from the outside world,
spesifically, out of UIA that is.
sounds like this whole thing has some kind of pure intention right.
its mainly because the lack of $$$ at the moment. xD
oh man,
the allowance seems to be taking forever to arrive.
my pocket is still refusing to go on a diet.
after all,
i need to eat. haha.
*kta nk g gym, tp mkn payah doe nk tnggl*
and there you go.
got my wish fulfilled.
our cafe was quarantined for 3 days after an inspection few days back.
dang it.
so we had to walk ALL the way to ukc to get food.
not fun i tell you.
but i guess its good for the legs aite.
trying to make this situation just a lil bit more appealing.
plus theres a chance of spotting eye candy while waiting.
all the better reason for the long trip.
sengal+gatal = kami. *emphasize on the kami , not aku oke.ka.mi. ;P;P*

oh yeah,
todays trip to MidV and Pudu.
Went to mid cuz my roomate wants to meet up with her schoolmates from uitm sh.alam.
the to Pudu for some bus ticks. *kwn ak yg nak, smua kalut nk blik raya woi. ;p*
It was nice, walking around aimlessly around mid without spending a cent,
excluding the meals and occasional snacks that is.
it'd be better to actually get some shopping done.
Damn that allowance. Gimme my money nowww.
went to Pudu after waiting like forever for a bus,
in the end we hitched a can anyway,
tolerance running low after a while.
Got the tickets.check
Bought munchies.check.
Taking a bus.urrgghh.
after walking around
and round
and round.
i think this went down for almost half and hour.
and finally.
we found the correct bustop.
at long damn lastt.
there you go.
we felt so damn grateful when we finally arrived at uia.
and for me,
at least its not another dull day spent cooped up in this place.
and ive got some cool pics as tokens.
all's well.
this is me,taking a note from how to be happy. by Dr.whatshisname.

  • count your blessings. heck, once uve start,the list could go on and on. a simple way to brighten up your day. it worked for me at least. :D

till l8er,
Assalamualaikum. :D

Nov 11, 2009


good news and coincidences seems to be coming one after another.
feeling so good it almost hurts.
sounds uber silly and childish.
thats whats crushing [hardd] is all about.

p/s ; the seemingly plain things are the most deceiving.

Nov 9, 2009

what to do what to do.

sorry in advance for this long and dull entry,
just sharing what went down this few days.
enjoy, *if u can xD*

this is my 1st week of class in AED.
new classmates, whose names i didnt even catch btw,haha *sombongsnggoh*
but yeah,
hopefully we'll get closer soon.
only 3 AED classes in a week, 6 hours of lecture,
and then there only FIM,Arabic n Tilawah,
and im basically having 2-3 hours at most of classes every day, except for Monday that is.
and theres hardly anyone who's free on Monday *i so totally understand Garfield right now*

only had to endure 2 hours of arabic today *8-10*
and its a loooong endless free time for me,:D
sounds great doesnt it,
but i kinda miss the hectic lifestyle of an Engin student.
just ever so microscopicly so.

and then theres the smac *uia's sports fest* going on the campus,
sorta gets you all hyped up about working out innit?
at the very least,
it was fun watching the events,
cheering like mad and stuff, *ex engine turned AED, had to go with AED aite? sori bdk2 engin.*

and with so much time in my hands,
i thought,
why not at least try to get in shape aite?
well, not exactly in shape per say, but, yeah, i feel a strong need to exercise more often,
after all, this tummy aint gettin flatter each day. im gonna look like a ball soon unless i do something about it.
so far, ive gone to the gym 2 times this week,
each was like, a 45 min session? give or take.
feels to good to sweat a little,
though the stench i can deal without.
im not trying to pull myself too hard,
easy does it now..
but i guess you could say that im slowly but surely trying to improve my stamina this semester,
and who knows,
i might even take up a new sport while im at it.
this is seriously starting to sound like a dull diary huh?
*starting, -coughcoughcouch- i mean, when hasnt it been? xD*
sorry again,
to all how actually had the tolerance to read this whole post, i thank u~ hee

thats it for now i guess,
now just have to wait for 5pm to legally get out of campus,
pasar malam JOMMM~

c ya,
  • Assalamualaikum :D

Nov 3, 2009

at long last.

just checked the results for the qualifying test,AED yesterday.
and there it was.
o yeah!~