Oct 31, 2010

struggling so so bad.

today marks exactly one week since the new (and final) semester started,
and unfortunately classes havent been all that appealing nor fun.
but of course, i havent heard classes that are meant to be fun,
this time round i only have two subjects in total,
8hrs of Graphic Communication 2 and 6 of Enviromental Design.
and BOTH are seriously messing with my head. argh!

GC's first task seem simple enough, drafting lines using pen. which is exactly where the nightmare began. i've been messing up so much ; went slightly over the line here, stroked where it was meant to be spotless,etc etc
and re-doing them again and again. and now im too scared to ruin my precious drawing i've stopped altogether. but im still going to have to finish them as they're due soon.

and ED,well what can I say about this one, the first lessons are on the elements and principles of design, a veeeeeeery brief lecture and then we're left to explore the campus by ourselves and TRY to identify the elements present in the buildings and structures.
and right now, other than balance and symmetry, pretty much nothing else makes sense to me,
only now do i realise that i cant really survive without a book to stick by.
and in 2 weeks we are supposed to come up with a design on an A2 that practices all that we've been "taught" * pfft and explain it thoroughly to our studio master.
every line must have a reason _Std Master
and oh yeah, also included is a writing assignment, 300 words explaining our completed design. FUN. last time i wrote that long was for SPM.

im doomed fo' sho'.

i hope the silver lining to this makes its appearance soon or im gonna lose it..

Oct 13, 2010

Lets Go! Seoul Summit 2010 song ;D

mustve been hard to compose a song consisting of a grand total of 20 idols.
yet they sound so harmonious~!
aaaaand the fact that my biases are included is just the cherry on top :D
Lets go Lets go Lets go~ <3

Oct 10, 2010

gooo. shooh!

i think my GIMP is all crappy cause of a bug.
hope it'll get fixed soon cause i CAN NOT live without graphics. D:

Oct 8, 2010

tiiiiiingle tingle.

during my time on the net i've stumbled upon a few kpop macros,funny as heck.
funnier if you're a fan tho'
what's a kpop macro you ask?,
simply put its a random picture of a kpop celebrity/idol, in awkward/funny/poses that make misunderstandings erupt

its good fo' yo health y'all.
better than OJ. lyke srsly.

Oct 4, 2010

im "trap"ped.

Song Title : Trap
Artist : No Min Woo (ex member of Trax and actor aka the gorgeous guy in the vid above)

current obsession that certainly wont go away anytime soon,
smooth voice with a beautiful face,cant get enough. hoho~

Oct 2, 2010

Makbanshi Mir

Makbanshi Mir
Originally uploaded by fightingmegeoul

Oct 1, 2010


this hols im gonna try and brush up my drawing and editing skills,
which i so much enjoy doing, and the latest thing that caught my attention was typography,
care for some definition anyone? lol


the art or process of printing with type.
the work of setting and arranging types and of printing from them.
the general character or appearance of printed matter.
so there, basically its art using type, which conveys a really  powerful presence,
even more than images when done right.
here are some of them that i've found on DeviantArt 
and here's one i made, though its not exactly typography,
its just me abusing the filters and patterns on GIMP. haha

k,off to Johor now~