Jun 28, 2009

in between all the traffic.

todays monday,
aka the busiest day of the week.
ive got 8 hours of lecture and only 2 free hours in between
*kuar CC ni nak g blajaq arabb,mwaha*
just a quick update..
the environment in my class is all in all quite friendly,
that is,
compared to other classes where brothers and sisters barely even talk.
*jumpa tgh jalan wat dekk jaaa.*
but thats not the case for my class,
and for that i am extremely grateful~
*budak2 klas gyla pnya saiko,nmpk ja muka sucii murniii*


Jun 22, 2009

dengan smangat berkobar-kobar.....

....aku pergi ke kelas physic,
yg tramatlah "jauh" (dpn asrama jah pown.)
tp aku sdey..
sbb klas rupa2nya batall.
dhla aku xpndai physics.
penin2 uiiii.
dgn hampa aku menyeret diri pulang ke mahallah..

...oh ya,
smalam kami bramai2 terkurung luar bilik.
roomate aku ttinggal kunci lepas kami kalut2 tukar baju..
knapa kalut soalanmu?
sbb kena sound ngn fellow psai dress code.
tertenggek la 3 srangkai makhluk 303A ZC dpn booth pak/makcik guard dgn muka seposenn.

*xdak idea nk tulis blog tp gatai tangan.so kena gak la garu ngan keyboardddd*


P/S : xley nk outing fellow kata...H1N1 di smua cruk petaling jayaa.


Jun 20, 2009

how long has it been?

(tajok tak bley blahhh pny...)

main point~

i havent been online for like,almost a week? (xigt la.)

and during that period,

ive grown accustomed with my class a.k.a group.

which by the way is Group 36~ (we rock,yeahh.)

consisting of 21 boys and only 5 girls.


you know it.

(takot gyla msa mula2 masok kelasss.)

but,im quite satisfied because during my time here,

my belied that UIA is extremely strict and lame etc2. has dissipated.


some of us are even crazier than those in other non religious universities.

we rock. *dgn ayunyaa. HAHA.*

so far,

havent been able to chat with all the brothers in my group,

too many la...(tebal spuloh dinding mukaku.)

but some of them are super-friendly. (+klakar nak mampos.)

and as for the sisters,

it only took the 1st class for us to be acquainted~

ones that ive got to know the littlest bit better are~

Ilham *mcm minah arab skali pndang,gila m3*


,Amilia *hobi sama,wuuhuu.*

& Aisyah *pown sama hobinya,heheh.*.

for the brothers *that i have the courage to talk to that is*

Irham,our class rep. *chinese+kelantan but stays near PJ*

Adeep. *half indian,doesnt look like it tho. superrr funny.*

Usherr~ *dont know much,just that people call him usher,fullstop.*


thats it?

yoo.memory lemah amatt.


ive got LOTS more to talk about.

but my brain is not up to its usual speed *yg mmg xbrapa lajuuu*

oh yeah,

Jun 10, 2009

seeeeeeeee-lamat pagi chekgu.

sorry for the level of angst o lameness that seems to make a steady appearance in my posts lately..
my motivation to blog as active as before seems to be decreasing ever so slightly.
maybe its the lack of topics,*as if my previous topics were any better.*
but mostly,
i blame it on the CC. *xdak duett. xD*

moving on!~
classes have started this week.
each faculty is further divide into groups.
and groups are determined by our EPT *english.placement.test* result.
and i,*unfortunately* got exempted,
which is to say,no English class,ever. w00h00...not.
why say NO to being exempted you say,
the common misconception that lack of english lessons equals less jammed schedules are overrated.
you see.
people with lower grades are required to spend at most 2 years at CFS = happy schedule.
ones that are exempted,1 1/2 years = damn straight unhappy,packed schedules.
and whats worse,and totally unfair.
grade 4 EPT gets to skip one of the subjects this sem,
*dahla jdual depa free,sroh la depa blajaq. kami yg dok busy gyla ni.tambah2 lagi noh.cipanciritla!*
i got a super cool classmate.Amilia's the name.
cool because we have one thing in common.
*among others*
drawing anime!
w00t *hepihepi*
that is all.....kot?
till next time.

Assalamualaikum. =D

Jun 7, 2009

mata separuh buta.

bgn awl.
jadual kata kelas kol 8.
7.35 setia menanti.
sampai kol 9.10.
lecturer tidak muncull.
anda sembelitkah?
buang masa emas yg ley guna utk tidoo.


Jun 6, 2009

i like to move it move it,

as per damn usual ,
theres basically nothing to talk about as of yet.
classes still havent started,
im assuming the schedules will be ready by tomorrow,
but im not sure.
to quote exactly what the board displayed,
"schedules will be posted latest by monday,8 june 2009"
(mak,kalo xsiap jugak esok nak ngamokkk.)
one of my roomies went for the overnight outing this friday,
probably will be back this afternoon,dont know.
(iqahhh,kelik la..aku bosan neyhh.)
this is yesterday.
went to mid valley.
spent more than i planned for.
which is not much but still.
(baru ja dpt 100 3-4 ari dah nak abess)
skrg bajet2 la makann.
"nasi+pegedil ja aku bedai hari2"
dinnernya megii.
orait bebeh,
chow duloo~


Jun 4, 2009

foto foto toto.

nak upload gambo.
xley gna USB port CC yg poyooo.
sdey sdey..
adoila makcik..
tulun akuu..

Jun 3, 2009

na. na na naaa~

classes haven't started yet.
heck,the course module and schedules aren't even ready.
whats left to do but.
go to CC.
chilling in the library (sbb nak rasa aircond,mwahahaha.)
and sometimes go down to the 1st floor to watch TV. (sbb tngkt 1 ja ada astroo.)
tp nnt dah start blajar kaluu.
konpem xdak masa nk buhsannnnn.
rindooo youtube!!...