Jan 18, 2012

(click for a hd version (:  )

the result of this tutorial. super fun to do~


Sometimes I feel like you care so much, and others I felt like you dont...

...why do I have to do the chasing? (even if I do like you that much.)

2nd try!

my 2nd photoshop lesson~
thanks to this lovely tutorial, I've made a groovy poster of one of my favourite singers ; the gifted Taylor Swift.
Thoughts? :)

Jan 17, 2012

PS newbie.

just downloaded photoshop cs3 few days back. still learning slowly, and trying out a few tutorials to get acquainted with all the new tools and features and what not. 
im getting pretty dizzy with all these confusing interface (confusing = new)

here's my result from this tutorial > click!

far from perfect. but hey, im still new.
gonna have lots of fun exploring. woot~

Jan 14, 2012

what i do when.

simple edit done out of,well,boredom.
ha ha ha.

Jan 11, 2012


its only been my 3rd day home and im already clueless on how to spend all these free time.

tu la, masa xdak cuti nak sangat cuti.
hamek kauu. xD

so what are you up to these days?