May 28, 2010

its time ; unfortunately.

this is my last night at home , i dont know when i'll be coming back.
realizing this makes my heart ache and twist and at the same time I yearn to go back to my studies.
Man im so screwed up. haha
so used to my life here, cant imagine what it'll be like to be away again,
after such a long time * Que Iwillsurvive! * lol.

my mind just went completely blank.
dont know what to say anymore.
i'll miss all of this D:

May 25, 2010

the reason y,

if youve been reading my previous posts, my love for kpop just sticks out like a sore thumb dont it?
and while getting lost staring in space today.
it hit me;
ive been contemplating my unhealthy addiction the the particular nation's music scene.
and i know why!
the catchy beats, addictive choreography, the amazing stage presence, and of course lets not all forget,
the drama in the kpop scene is one of the biggest aspects that draws fans from all over the globe.
so basically,

  • KPOP = addictive MUSICAL.

it fits dontcha think so? lol

this is just my own personal take on the topic,
kan best kalo ak dpt soklan sal KPOP mse muet?  AHAHAHA
Band 6 ah weiii!

basically, the post has to end with eye candy~

Hwang Chansung (2pm) MINE!. hottest kpop maknae, everr.

May 18, 2010

a precious fortnight.

only 2 weeks to go until the start of my new semester at iium.
where the heck that these 3 months went to?
time sure flies.
and now im torn,
im missing iium and its contents desperately so,
but im gonna miss the easy life back home, with ma familia ♥ ♥
heres to another 4 months of craaaaaaziness. :D

May 7, 2010

stuck in this rut.

imagination, an extremely important part of life, cant really imagine a world without it.
without it, there's no moving forward, bettering ourselves, improving creations, no evolution.
and i love it, for that, and many other reasons.
you see, drawing used to be my passion, eversince i was in primary,
truth be told i only started out because i wanted to draw my favourite hero(-in) at the time,
and i never looked back since then, basically, anime became my main source of inspiration,
i based my character designs on the animes i loved, ( Gensomaden Saiyuki, Inuyasha, etc. )
and, i guess, as a child, i felt very proud of what i was able to do.
oh the simplicity of childhood :D ~
and i kept at it, growing up, constantly trying to improve, and i did.
but as the years passed, while my skill shown a slight improvement, i felt that i was lacking in so many places,
mainly i was feeling completely drained of any form of creativeness,
it remained for some time, the empty feel i get whenever i finished a piece, rather than the joy i had when drawing a simple sketch when i was 13yrs old.
and then it hit me,
i wasnt losing my creativeness,
far from it,
and found more challenges along the way, my skills are tested,
the problem was not that creativity dissipated,
i just hit a plateau, skills wise i've become better, but my ideas havent adapted to my progress,
i grew up, my way of thinking should too,
and that's what i'll do,
i'll LEARN
i'll STUDY
and you betcha im gonna FLY~ :D

May 6, 2010

ai senangnya dlm hati~

its finally over,
all things just dont seem to matter
i did it,
finally faced my fears ; again.
failure tasted so bitter
and now im finally free from those kind of ghouls