Apr 22, 2010

im obsessed, cant u tell? lol.

Favourite boy group?

Favourite girl group?

Favourite idol group overall?
this is hard, idk, a tie between bigbang n 2pm/2am?? im confuseddd. cause im so fickle 

Other groups you love?
bigbang,2pm,2am,super junior,shinee,ukiss,2ne1,snsd *more or less*

Rank your favourites from each of your stated groups above?
bigbang - gdragon , 2pm - jayyyy. ,2am - jokwon,super junior- kyuhyun, shinee - jonghyun, ukiss- dongho, 2ne1 - CL ,snsd - sunny?

Favourite pairings from each of your stated groups?
i dont really do pairings

Favourite idol group pairings?
2pm-2am. lol. cause theyre so much fun together
Favourite solo female singer?

Favourite solo male singer?
for now, taeyang

Favourite idol overall?

Favourite songs right now?
2pm - Maja n Without U. 

Favourite fanclub?
VIPs (bigbang's) 

Favourite entertainment company?
YG !

Loved a group you’re not into anymore?
i just miss 2pm when they were 7, im sure the rest of the Hottests feel the same )': 

First kpop song ever?
Last Farewall by BigBang.

First kpop music video ever?
Last Farewall. haha

First kpop love (group/solo)?
BigBang~ GD!

First variety show (and with who)?
damnnn that was so long ago.cant remember the title but i know bigbang was the guest.

Group you could never get into no matter how much you tried.
i think, ft island? havent tried enough tho

Any dance you can do (from a MV etc) or want to learn?

Any songs you memorized the lyrics to?
SuJu KRY - What If n A Fool's Only Tears - bigbang. i can only memorize ballads .lol 

Hottest male in the industry to you?
#1 definitely jaebeom. and then comes chansung(2pm), taeyang (bbang) n jonghyun (shinee) haha 

Prettiest female in the industry to you?
GooHara from KARA, tho she's more cute than pretty, and Sunny(snsd) too.

A person you want to be like/admire the most?
JaeBeom for staying strong after so many attacks made on his personal life , even forced to leave korea. our LeadJa is really one of a kind.

A song you must/always/usually listen to EVERY day?
it changes weekly. haha

Your favorite music video?
10 out of 10 points (2pm) and Koe Wo Kikasete (bigbang)

Any of your friends into kpop and who?
ahaha, Iqah, Syeda, Kecik, Aliya. rindu korang nk matii.

Have any KPop merchandise?
BigBang poster~ 

Which group can you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your time into Kpop?
idk, again, my middle name is fickle.

*this was funnnn xDD.

and to top this of, picture spam of my fav boysss

2pm -i miss it when they were 7
2am (such lovely ballads~)
nega geuroke roke manmanhanii~ (very addictive)

Apr 21, 2010

i never loved you
no i never did
but by the time i realised
it was far too late.


Apr 20, 2010


too much ribena in mah bellyyy.
which in turn makes me wanna drop everything else and do nuthinn

Apr 19, 2010

recent works~

just wanted to try out devart links.

PropChallenge : part 2. by ~S-P-Liana on deviantART

is it summer yet by ~S-P-Liana on deviantART

Apr 17, 2010


dont you just love the thrill you get when you challenged your limits and come out victorious?

Apr 1, 2010


life's progressing at its usual pace..
slow, routine-based.
getting tired of the same view each day, but hey, who wouldnt be,
although, getting to see your family each day is a definite plus.
everything just seems better with them around, speaking of which,
im really missing my UIA family. *haha,cr ckp mcm famili alim doe,lol*
they've always made my day, my home away from home.
cant wait to see u ppl again!
meanwhile, while that moment comes, im sort of stuck in a rut now.
no fun. noooo fun.
but lo and behold~
for progress is here! ooooohohoho.
slowly getting into drawing again, kudos to DevArt ; my sweetsweet lover. hahah
music still pretty much revolves around the kpop scene tho' ; koreans sure know their way around entertainment.
their awesometastic personality combined with catchy tunes will get you hooked. yes it will.
*and they have too many good looking singers, its almost a sin. HAHA*

o yeahh;
last week an oooooold song from my primary days somehow sneaked its way into my head, playing over and over again liek some kind of old record , those give me such headaches.
and today i finally found it again!
enjoy u awesome people!!