Dec 31, 2011

i suppose...

...its only right that I at least update this battered old thing in the spirit of the new year.
goodbye 2011, hello 2012 and all the wonderful things that insyaAllah you'll bring along :)
2011 has been tough and yet so much fun, a lot of memories were created, a lot of beautiful moments shared with so many new friends.
I hope 2012 will bring a lot of new beginnings, and happy endings.
HAPPY NEW YEAR folks!!! <3

Dec 11, 2011


sharing a dose of sweetness with y'all on this fine day. :)

Nov 29, 2011


lies when you're feeling guilty.
i can never look at you the same way, cant believe i actually held you dear, were you even my friend to begin with? im not so sure anymore.

Nov 27, 2011

ushering in a new beginning InsyaAllah.

a simple edit done out of boredom, turned out pretty okay~

wishing a happy new year to all muslims  :)

Nov 6, 2011

why... it so hard to not like you.

Oct 30, 2011

a question for the ladies~ (gents too, doesnt matter really)

would you stop liking someone just because he/she's taken?.
would you take that risk?

i hate this;

its been only moments since I felt like I havent been in a long time.
and I cant even have that anymore.

*yes,im not making sense,just needed to get that out of my system*

Oct 14, 2011

its that time again..

this blog is in dire need of substance to make it somewhat alive~
anyways, for now, no updates basically due to the fact that im simply uninspired to post anything , that and also the inescapapable fact that i have extremely limited internet connection in my room, or to put in a better term, my compartment.
Yes, one room, 4 compartments and only one has decent wifi.
Screw you campus connections.
As for life, its been slightly more than a month since I entered my undergraduate program as Bachelor of Applied Arts aka AAD. Its been really fun, somewhat stressful, and bursting with new experience and memories.
So far , no nights are spent sleepless, Alhamdulillah.
Although that is not entirely considered a good thing, because while I may be getting sufficient shut eye.. Im not doing as well as I hoped in my studies, I know sleep or not, I should be able to push myself much further. 20 should bring at least some significance in the terms of my discipline and priorities ; keyword 'should'
instead I find myself in the same pattern ;
Knowing that something's bad for me yet succumbing to it anyway.
I should care more. I should try harder. I should stop having Gossip Girl marathons while theres assignments to do. I should I should I should.
For now, I'll just take comfort in the fact that there are many others sharing this phase , or at least, I think there is.
till then~

 zài jiàn!!

Sep 5, 2011

see you again soon~

Today's my last day at home..
resuming my role as a student starting tomorrow,
i don't know why, but everything i do, it feels empty, dull, and there's something tugging at my heart,
the little voice that's whispering ' not yet, just a little bit longer.. i don't wanna go.. '
seriously, its been over half a year spent at home, surrounded by my family each day, and to just suddenly be separated from all this, i just couldn't brace myself with reality..
however, i know there's another family, away from home, people who i rely on when i need that shoulder to lean on, to gossip, to cry with, my friends..
away from one family off to another..
I hope this will be a good start..
I'll miss everyone so much..

Aug 27, 2011

inching closer to goodbye..

without even realising, Ramadhan's coming to a close, and Syawal is around the corner..
and its already been more than half a year since I've been home,
going back to my hometown in a few minutes~
still wondering how im gonna adapt to the busy campus life in just slightly more than a week from now, and how much I'll miss my family, my home..
wishing all of you lovely people Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin :)
have a great Syawal, and drive safe!

Aug 19, 2011


Nothing to do, boredom bordering on insanity,
0 watchable shows on TV, Internet akin to a abandoned desert..

and then,

So much stuff to do, jumbling things all over the place,
my favourite show's having a marathon and theres tons of amazing things on Tumblr, Youtube etc etc.


Aug 3, 2011

new theme. at long last..~

a new 'half-assed' theme , but new nonetheless.
feauturing my current addiction
aka Teen Top.

Jul 23, 2011

91'ers, especially those who grew up watching Disney Channel..

remember this?

im no sure how many of you have seen it, but i am a huge fan of this show, and was so sad when it ended..
and recently after seeing some TSR gifs and captions on Tumblr brought back good memories of this show..
and also led me to this jewel ;

here's a lil' something on what the show's all about ( ctrl+c n ctrl+v-ed from Wiki of course ~)

 The half-hour multi-cam comedy series stars Raven-Symoné as Georgia, an aspiring actress with a larger-than-life personality, and her science geek best friend, Jo (Majandra Delfino), who are trying to make professional and personal headway in New York City.

basically same lead actress, both hilarious. now off you go to the amazing tv show that is State of Georgia~

Jul 6, 2011

tube berbentuk u berperangai sgt huduh hari ini.

this morning after i finished my daily chores, I turned to youtube for my daily dose of entertainment,
i mean, about 90% of it depends on youtube because Astro doesnt really fare very well for my kind of preferred entertainment *cough*kpop*cough**choke*.
soooo yeah, this morning it was working fine, then i had a short nap, plus some chores here and there, after praying, I used my laptop, plugged to the TV for (what i hoped would be) some k-variety shows that i adore, in H-freakin-D..
and then..
youtube just sucked.
i mean, 10mins to load a 5 minute video?
im srsly confused i just..urgh.
and thats when i turned to blogger,
i have no life

Jun 14, 2011

100611, short but sweet~

went out with 2 of the people i miss the most and had a a great time,its been so long since we had some quality time together <3
watched "Kl Gangster" which was quite a bland movie, but being with them made the experience so much better :)
onto the pics!

Lunch time~

Atheen (aka Atashinchi xD) digging in.

 Atheen posing like an angel that she is <3
Meelia tucking in to her nummy bread~

death stare.. HAHAH

Jun 6, 2011

i cant take this no more, NOO.

hello there oh kind person who still takes time to read this super random post out of nowhere,LOL.

*oh right, thats not even funny,hah. lamelamelame*

anywayn, am currently stuck in an infinite loop of boredom in my hometown, dont get me wrong, i love being around my relatives, they're actually a bunch of fun people, but seriously, theres only so much one can do where i am..

especially when im used to the assumption that being stuck in my own home all day long is barely torelable on a daily basis, coming back here just proves how ungrateful i had been, shame on me.
its super blazingly hot lately, and i miss air conditioning like crazy.. (ish manja tol minah ni kan,hahah)
my daily routine of doing chores, internet surfing all day an the occasional tv watching ( asiancoughfoodcoughchannel) and none of them is available here..

well, except for the internet, but the connection is super low its amazing enough that im posting this today..
heck, im only online to bookmarks things so that i wont miss anything, and check them when i get back home,which hopefully lies in then near future.. D':
i want to upload pictures but, idk, theres something wrong with my bluetooth and again, internet connection s.u.c.k.s.

kay babai.
*ak pon xtaw ap tujuan post ni ditype,sori2*

Apr 28, 2011

What MY holiday looks like. sort of.

wake up at Subuh.
breakfast *yum* (+internet of course)
surf3, korean spazz~ /or maybe some Oprah~ lol
back to internet.
look for something to snack on.
surf back, until bored
so back to chores.
tired of the internet, shower and pray
wait for mummy and along to come from work (get the necessary ingredients ready for lunch)
*find something to kill time,internet/tv/etc3*
lunch *ngap!*
korean spazzzz.


*learning time* work dat brain gurlll.
until sleeeepy.

*sronok an jadual aku an an an an an?* -gedik cm nk kne pnampor je minah ni.-

kalo rajin wt la utk blog anda juga,sy boleh bacaa time busan2.

Apr 27, 2011

nan jigeum dangerrrrrr

  • i love her new look~ this was done today,cause i've been itching to edit something for sooo long now~

Apr 14, 2011

a small af(x)tionate parody o' mine.


HAHAH~ i had fun doing this, far from perfect, but very funn~ :)

Apr 1, 2011

the reason why Spring is the most lovely season to me :)

Spring = influx of new adorable-perfect-lovely-light hearted-romantic-songs by my lovely husbands  korean boy bands!

  • U-KISS

  • Z:EA


in a way, this kinda counts of an April Fools if you expected a better less fangirly post.
my extreme apology to those of you who feel that way, and to those who dont~

Mar 20, 2011

kampung camwhoring :)

 roadtrips always offers the best views :)



 pilih jgn xpilih~
 apam balik + telur, caloricious~
my turn to hog the camera, *sile muntah ye*

Mar 19, 2011


starting tomorrow ;
xnak tido dah pas subuh :)
wish me luckkk. 

Mar 10, 2011

oh so lovely~

you know the feeling you get when someone truly appreciate what you've done for them?
one of the best moments in life they are, deeply treasured too.
aaand if you're wondering just what this loony chick is mumbling about, its my sister's quaint little blogshop, which i had the pleasure of decorating, i mean, editing is one of my hobbies, and to be able to utilize what little skills i've mastered to help someone brings me happiness ;)
so here it is >> DAZZLINGHIJAB
click ittt, love it, and if you're so willing, follow and/or spread the word :D

Mar 5, 2011

Belle époque

Pretty title no? lol,excuse the cheesiness,
for those of you who were wondering, the title is a French saying meaning 'Beautiful era' - the golden age of art and culture in France in the early 20th century. (kopipes je nih,haha)
I've always had a liking to French culture, more spesifically their fashion~
especially ones that is frequented by a very famous style icon, or at least she is to me,
Marie Antoinette, *lets wikiwiki!*

Marie Antoinette (pronounced /məˈriː ˌæntwəˈnɛt/ or /ˌæntwɑːˈnɛt/French pronunciation: [maʁi ɑ̃twanɛt]; Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna; 2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793) was an Archduchess of Austria and theQueen of France and of Navarre. She was the fifteenth and penultimate child of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and Emperor Francis I.
In April of 1770, on the day of her marriage to Louis-AugusteDauphin of France, she became Dauphine de France. Marie Antoinette assumed the title of Queen of France and of Navarre when her husband, Louis XVI of France, ascended the throne due to the death of Louis XV in May 1774. After seven years of marriage she gave birth to a daughter, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, the first of their four children.
Initially charmed by her personality and beauty, the French people generally came to dislike her, accusing "the Austrian" of being profligate and promiscuous[1], and of harboring sympathies for France's enemies, particularly Austria, since Marie Antoinette was, after all, Austrian.[2]
At the height of the French Revolution, Louis XVI was deposed and the monarchy abolished on August 10, 1792; the royal family was subsequently imprisoned at the Temple Prison. Nine months after her husband's execution, Marie Antoinette was herself tried, convicted of treason, and executed by guillotine on 16 October 1793.

Basically if you havent got the patience to go through all that, she's a French nobleman, married into the French royal family at a young ages, everybody's jealous cause she's perfect, bla bla bla,
accused of treason and tragically sentenced to death *off with her headdd*
See,wasn't that somewhat a fun story *tragic, but still fun, right, right? *

Anyway,there was a movie made in the memory of the late queen, and its filled to the brim with frills,lace,and cakes! whats not to love?? onwards to the lovelies!

partners in crime (?)
such a lovely lady~
u no can haz my cake.
*stereotypical feminine giggling*
ooh la la~
these walls ; WANT!
Une Belle Femme

care to join me?

wedding dress perfection
perfect girl for the part~
shoes; a Queen's best friend ;)

theres manymanymany more gorgeous shots of this movie but im getting tired copypasting,lol
meanwhile the number of dresses worn by Kirsten Dunst alone totals to more than 70!! You can check them out yourself ;)
for now, au revoir mon cherie~ <3

apa nak jadiii...

I actually had a lot of plans for thise 7 months, but so far none has really gone that well,
i blame my super cosy home and it's neverending seducers (internet,tv, that darn sinfully blissful bed,haha)

oh well, this post is basically just me,killing time, that and because its one of my goals not to let this blog go by untouched every few days,at the very least.
and im blessed with good health so that i can enjoy my break to the fullest, unfortunately some of me dearies aren't so lucky, (im talking to you guys cik Iqah n Teha)
do take care of yourselves, cant wait to see you guys again :)

Mar 3, 2011


i hate this
i put my phone away
and yet i feel like checking my inbox every hour
and theres always nothing
heck facebook is even worse
and yet  i clicked the link every single time
and theres always nothing
its eating me up
swallowing me whole
in a inescapable loop
that you put me in
and you probably dont even know.

Mar 2, 2011


my 201st post, just saying that cause i missed my 200th previously,
i just never notice these kind of things lol..
had a late breakfast today, i was starving cause there was nothing to eat.
was just about to heat up some baked beans, and lo behold, my parents brought back nasi kandaq *bliss*
anyway, today's plan is to finish up decoraring my sister's blog and if i have the time, mine too..
this layout is getting old, well not that old but i get tired of things real easy~
any suggestions? themes or any of that sort?
im kinda low on any sort of creative juices, so here's hoping i dont screw up my designs :)

childhood beats~

i was browsing around youtube, and suddenly had the urge to watch Morning Musume MVs,
just like i used to back in primary~
you dont know what Morning Musume is? *boohoo shame on you,lol.*
jk jk, they're a JPOP girl group made up of 14 (at least they were 14 the last i saw them) cute ladies and they're songs are pretty good :) (can you believe i was introduced to them by my football addicted older bro? its for reals yawww.)
and i want to share with you some of my favourites~
their music videos are quite entertaining :D.

saving the best for last!
if you loved Mirai e by Kiroro im sure you'll enjoy this as much as I do =D

Feb 28, 2011

long due ART update~

a sweet Nicori blend for your viewing pleasure~

her eyes smile so bright. by ~S-P-Liana on deviantART


why play these games by ~S-P-Liana on deviantART

super cute flower boy Shin Dongho in all his colorful glory

You Kiss the Maknae. by ~S-P-Liana on deviantART

charismatic B2ST leader YoonDoo with his melting gaze

YoonDooJoon WP by ~S-P-Liana on deviantART


dduk umah mmg cepat ngntok eh?

Feb 27, 2011

7months of ??? Day-1

kalo da tido dkt rumah, ats ktil sndri yg nikmatttt
siksa sngguh nk bangun,haha
i wonder how this holiday is gonna turn out?

Feb 26, 2011

past tense.

i liked you,
my feelings should be buried deep right now,
resting in peace,
and somehow, something happened,
and they resurface, 
only to give me hopes that i never asked for,
liking you is never easy.

Feb 8, 2011


J O to the K E R. by ~S-P-Liana on deviantART

that gorgeous man. by ~S-P-Liana on deviantART

blends are so hard D:

Feb 4, 2011

i said what now?

stolen from Cik Zaty's blog cause it seemed fun and im bored :)

numero Uno : I cuddled Johnny Depp while taking a shower *hells yeah,HAHAHA*

and then, I eat more than the Little Mermaid because I made out with my cousin in the Halloween part last year. *ew*

show me yours!

i said what now?

stolen from Cik Zaty's blog cause it seemed fun and im bored :)

numero Uno : I cuddled Johnny Depp while taking a shower *hells yeah,HAHAHA*

and then, I eat more than the Little Mermaid because I made out with my cousin in the Halloween part last year. *ew*

show me yours!

fresh from the oven~

fresh from the oven~

Feb 3, 2011

you aint never seen em' like dis.

haha, title gangsta lah konon~
what it really is, is just sharing with you my fav performance from this year Star Dance Battle.
you would'nt have imagined such gorgeous dance moves can be done to songs like Justin Bieber's-Baby or Wondergirls'-Tell Me right~

imma here to prove y'all wrong,lololol

INFINITE- Baby and Like A G6



Feb 2, 2011

of collages and blends.

i bet y'all wondering what the title's all about huh~
well, as you can probably see from my blog i have quite an interest in art, its just so fun and bewitching~
i used to draw, A LOT, practiced everyday, my usual style being realism-anime-ish..
but ever since enrolling in my matriculation centre, i slowly lost my enthusiasm, and now my drawing skills are pretty much paused for now.
But I still enjoy browsing through DeviantArt every single day, feasting through wonderful pieces created by the community there..
and I was lucky enough to stumble upon a new and increasingly popular digital art practice (im not even sure practice is the right word,sorry ^^')

and thats's where the title comes it (mukadimah xleh pnjng lg, lol)

basically,collages and blends are digital art made by piecing together different objects (all in PNG format) to create a lovely composition that's further beautified by adding textures,lighting effects,typography,brushes and so much more. You can just go crazy really! its so much fun to experiment, the possibilities are endlessssss.
Mainly made in Photoshop ( I myself couldnt afford one, and my trusty GIMP is more than capable :D )
these are some of  my favourite pieces that inspired my with their intriciteness and beauty~
Tis' my duty to shary the beauty (omaigod that just rhymed,AHAHAHHA)

Incubate by *BibiannaLanana on deviantART

20100708-1 by ~kanamme on deviantART

cherrie cheerie by ~Diane-Demiley on deviantART

Pivovarova is a chic chick by *gwendo0 on deviantART

JKJKJKJKJK.. by ~superjiaojiao on deviantART

Chaos by ~SkylineIllusions on deviantART

2981 by ~sarah0517 on deviantART

20100611 by ~egg9700 on deviantART

... emma ... by =blackyaisa on deviantART

PIECES OF GAGA by *SublimeArtDusT on deviantART

20100531bbs by ~egg9700 on deviantART

and theres SOOO MUCH MORE allover the net~
oh and btw, theres is a suuubtle difference collages and blends, where collages are done but putting together different objects, blends use the same approach but with the addition of slighty erasing the objects to make them blend into the piece..

hope you've enjoyed these eye-candies..

and here's one that i did yesterday~ <3 (featuring Victoria, leader of f(x) *kpop is inseperrable in my life :)*

Pure Beauty Victoria Song by ~S-P-Liana on deviantART



blogging to all you lovelies from my love home here in Penang~
my 2nd day here, and foods are still aplenty..
with so much within reach, i just keep chewin and chewin baby~ *sosofat*
anywho, the CNY is coming, and although i myself in particular dont celebrate it,
im wishing too all those who are, a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Yearrr~
Gong Xi Fa Cai/ Kung Hey Fat Choy/etc etc however you choose to pronounce it~
and the fun thing *for me that is* are the gorgeous onslaught of K-Celeb pictorials in celebration of the new year,
and of course, it is my duty to feast your eyes with them, *willingly or not,hahah*


sooooooo B2ST!
the Park Siblingss (2NE1's Dara and her baby brother MBLAQ's Cheondoong doong doongie~)
T-ARA~ gorgeous ladies with great catchy tunes :)
our VVIP SeungRi
SuJu's Shindong and power vocal-Lee-Junki_-lookalike-Yesungie~
SECRET! *modernised Hanboks gojess gile!*

thats about all i can gather,im sure theres plenty more
*wants a hanbok for herself so baddd* D: