Jun 14, 2011

100611, short but sweet~

went out with 2 of the people i miss the most and had a a great time,its been so long since we had some quality time together <3
watched "Kl Gangster" which was quite a bland movie, but being with them made the experience so much better :)
onto the pics!

Lunch time~

Atheen (aka Atashinchi xD) digging in.

 Atheen posing like an angel that she is <3
Meelia tucking in to her nummy bread~

death stare.. HAHAH

Jun 6, 2011

i cant take this no more, NOO.

hello there oh kind person who still takes time to read this super random post out of nowhere,LOL.

*oh right, thats not even funny,hah. lamelamelame*

anywayn, am currently stuck in an infinite loop of boredom in my hometown, dont get me wrong, i love being around my relatives, they're actually a bunch of fun people, but seriously, theres only so much one can do where i am..

especially when im used to the assumption that being stuck in my own home all day long is barely torelable on a daily basis, coming back here just proves how ungrateful i had been, shame on me.
its super blazingly hot lately, and i miss air conditioning like crazy.. (ish manja tol minah ni kan,hahah)
my daily routine of doing chores, internet surfing all day an the occasional tv watching ( asiancoughfoodcoughchannel) and none of them is available here..

well, except for the internet, but the connection is super low its amazing enough that im posting this today..
heck, im only online to bookmarks things so that i wont miss anything, and check them when i get back home,which hopefully lies in then near future.. D':
i want to upload pictures but, idk, theres something wrong with my bluetooth and again, internet connection s.u.c.k.s.

kay babai.
*ak pon xtaw ap tujuan post ni ditype,sori2*